Sunday, April 5, 2015

First Day Back


Classes resumed today, marking today as the first day of second semester of sophomore year. I've been looking forward to taking my Spanish classes since I've taken all the available French classes. I was in a class with a lot of freshman and for some reason they all knew each other, and they were also extremely hyper and enthusiastic...I couldn't really keep up. Maybe I was like that my freshman year?


I got my results for my French exam that I took in February, which I had hoped to score at least a B2 in. Unfortunately, I scored a B1, which is below the recommended French level to study abroad. It's only "recommended" so the people at the study abroad center told me that I might still be able to go. I'm keeping my fingers crossed but for the time being, I'm going to get back to studying again for the exam in May. Darn.


So my sister recommended that I watch Game of Thrones a while back and I gave it a shot but didn't quite fall in love with it like she did. My friend Erika recommended it to me today and so I decided to give the show another chance. Not really sure about it. Erika said that it gets interesting after a few episodes so I think I'll be watching a few more until I officially decide to go on or not.

妹が前にわたしにオススメしてくれたGame of Thronesというイギリスのドラマを今日また友達に勧められたので観てみることにしました。もう4シーズンが放送された大人気のドラマなのですが、まだ好きかは分かりません。友達には4話くらいからおもしろくなると言われたのでそれまでは観ようとおもいます。

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