Friday, April 10, 2015

The Smile

A week has already gone by since the first day back to classes and I am in awe at the speed in which time has been rushing past me. Tokyo weather has been quite wet the last couple of days and rather cold despite the cherry blossoms blooming everywhere that's supposed to signfy the start of warmth and spring.

I have Spanish first period 4 days a week and the one day that I don't, aka Wednesday, I forgot that I didn't have to wake up ridiculously early to get ready. At least I had a few hours to myself.

The best thing this week by far was catching up with friends again. It's quite rare to catch all of us together, well actually we're missing one person, but anyway, we're all so busy all the time, so I could not have been happier for the random get together.

予定が入っていなかった4人で新宿のThe Smileというお店にハンバーガーを食べに行ってきました。座って、ハンバーガーを食べて、喋っていただけなのに、本当に楽しくて時間があっという間に過ぎてしまいました。わたしは一限あるからちょっと早めに帰ろうと思っていたのですが、たまにはいっかと思い、デザートを頼み少し長めに残りました。
The four of us who were free went to a burger joint called The Smile in Shinjuku. We literally just ate our burgers and talked but time just flew on by. I got a baked apple Gorgonzola burger - sounds pretty out there but it was a preeeety awesome burger.
I'm kind of a burger addict so when I eat one burger, I crave another one until I satisfy my needs; basically, it's an endless cycle. I would definitely have to go with a big fat, juicy burger with extra crispy fries and cheesecake for my last meal. Throw in a vanilla milkshake and I would be the happiest girl in the world.

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