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Last Week's Competition

Hey guys!
Sorry for another big gap between posts. I had a gymnastics competition last weekend and had a blast competiting with these girls. This competition basically determined whether or not I get to compete in the next one in May and guess what?! We all passed!
こんにちは! 先週末は今年初の試合があり、無事終わりました。このグループ選手権を通過して5月の東インカレに進めるのですが、みんな通過することができて今はホッとしてます。

3rd time at Tochigi for a competition. The scenery's starting to look very familiar.

At the hotel lobby. I told them to do a funky pose. 

Tochigi is known for Gyoza so dinner was of course, Gyoza. We decided to try the restaurant we couldn't get seats in last time.

Din Din

Had free time in the evening so I watched the Tokyo Giants vs. Softbank Hawks game which reminded me of Grandpa who's a massive Giants fan. They unfortunately lost this game :( but they're still v…