Tuesday, June 30, 2015

We All Need To Take A Break Sometimes

It's been a whirlwind of busy days lately with all the preparation for study abroad, getting ready for the last month of the school year, practice, etc. etc but I finally feel like I can take a pause and relax for just a minute before things start getting busy again. My family was visiting from the States for just a tiny bit and seeing them again, even if it was just a tiny bit, helped to get some of the stress off my chest.
As a woke up to the big "July 1" on my phone this morning, I realized that I have a little less than 2 months before I take off for Paris for one whole year. Balancing all things life and studying for French has been a struggle but just the other day I had a revelation and it was pretty crazy. Ok, maybe a bit overdramatic but I was pretty proud.
I usually listen to a French news podcast called RFI on my way to school and I had been struggling for so long, being able to only pick up sentences here and there, but just the other day I somehow understood the news.
I had to take a double take with my ear(??) and ask myself "Wait, I'm listening to this in French right?" because it was so natural and so unexpected. What a surreal feeling.

Dad has been pretty busy with work for the past couple of years and has been taking business trips to many places, including Canada, which as you know is also a French-speaking country.
Bringing back French magazines has been our (sort of) ritual for a while and this time, he brought me one from Air France along with some others. Food, vacation spots, cool products...It's fun to read at the end of the day during my me time.

お父さんはここ数年よくフランス語圏でもあるカナダに出張をするのですが、最近会う時のお決まりがカナダに行った時にもって帰ってきたフランス語の雑誌をくれることです。ファッション系や経済のものなどいろんなジャンルのものを選んでくれるのですが、今回はAIR FRANCEの雑誌をもらいました。食べ物のことやオススメスポットなどがたくさん書かれています。気分転換に読むと楽しいです。


Talk soon!

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