Thursday, July 30, 2015

Love, Laughter, and Tears

What a journey these past two years have been in Tokyo. From being so lost in a very new environment and missing home so badly to meeting friends of a lifetime whom without a doubt will be my future bridesmaids. Today was the last day we all could get together before we go off with our lives for junior year of college (study abroad, staying in Tokyo, etc.) and it was just a day that I really got to appreciate these beautiful ladies whom I can truly call my best friends.


Giant minions take over Tokyo for the new Minion movie promotion.


Lunch at SMILE again to indulge big, fat, juicy burgers with deep fried potato fries. Nothing like good old fashion junk food for a girls day out.


Cold Stones afterwards.
I got the cheesecake flavor...obviously/like always/never changes


Karaoke time!
Major sob moment when the girls staying in Tokyo for junior year sang "best friend" by Nishino Kana for us girls studying abroad.


Obligatory Purikura.


Love them to the moon and back.


Ok, I think I'm reenergized to take on Paris next.


Talk soon!

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