Thursday, July 2, 2015


Thank you to my sister for taking the most attractive photo from the most flattering angle and dispersing it amongst her many friends. This is the true #barefacenomakeup. 


#sameperson #powerofmakeup

#同じ人 #メイクの力

Let's just take minute to applaud Ayuka for finishing all 11 seasons of Grey's Anatomy in a month a half and the entire season of How to Get Away With Murder in one day. Yes, I have officially been converted from films to TV dramas and it's been pretty great. Let's not forget that all this happened during midterm season and I somehow survived that. Finals will be starting soon and it just so happens that Season 5 of Suits and Season 6 of Pretty Little Liars launched again recently. Indulgence in these highly addictive shows will once again happen in the name of "taking a coffee break from studies."

最近テレビドラマにはまって、映画をほとんど見なくなりました。Grey's Anatomy という医療ドラマは10年前から放送されていて、最近11シーズン目の放送が終わったのですが、10年分を一ヶ月半で見終えました。去年始まった How to Get Away with Murder の全話も1日で見ちゃいました。そろそろ試験期間が始まるのですが、タイミング悪く、Suitsの5シーズン目とPretty Little Liarsの6シーズン目が最近始まってしまいました。息抜きという名で一気に見るのを楽しんでます。

I obviously don't know how to neither walk in the rain nor use an umbrella because I am standing in a packed train to school with the discomfort of drenched shoes and jeans. Ugh


Talk soon!

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