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World Press Photo Exhibit 2015

Flash back to a couple days ago when I went to Umeda/Namba with my lovely friend, whom I'll refer to as RiRi. She'll be going off to DC to study abroad at Georgetown (smart girl, I know) and she was stopping by in the Kansai area for her trip around Japan before setting off to the States. She found that the World Press Photo Exbihition was taking place in Umeda, Osaka so we decided to check it out. It was pretty incredible - a year worth of issues happpening around the world seen through photos. The photos were breathtaking and moving; I'm not sure if my sister is interested in political-type photos but I think these would be striking to see, since she's quite the photographer. There was a separate photo exhibit of the 2011 Tohoku Japan Earthquake so we stopped by. I feel like Japan makes an effort to keep the issue alive because obviously, it affects the country the most; it got me thinking how much the rest of the world is aware of how destructive the earthquake/tsu…

Food Diary #1

(At Osaka now) I think today will be the day that I take you through the food in my life, because I think as you already know or have guessed, eating is pretty much what I live for. Counting calories is the devil for me so instead of eating less, I exercise to burn it all off, hence the start of my morning runs circa when I stopped gymnastics (Who knew working out in the morning would be so delightful?!?! I am officially converted to morning workouts instead of afternoons!). Watching Barefoot Contessa and Drivers, Diners, and Dives for hours on end is a passion (Food Network has always been my favorite channel, hard to guess since I watch so many crime dramas); not saying I am anywhere near being a chef. Funny story, I often helped my mom cook when I was little but always did the chopping. I didn't do much of the flavoring so now I'm left with decent chopping skills but not so much in the taste department. I think we can all say that there is always room for improvement. (大阪に…

Book Recommendations #1: For a Spark of Happiness and Motivation

So it's a given fact that I am a nerd. It's probably the second most obvious things after of course, my outrageous love for cheesecake. Everyone just...knows it. I would honestly spend my time reading than to go out dancing on a Friday night (or any night for that matter) and I am totally cool with that. I just thought that I would give a run down of my recent reads since I've been having quite a successful month in discovering some pretty interesting books. There are no specific genres or languages (I mean English, Japanese, or French) when I decide to crack open the cover of a book. It all depends on whether I feel like the book is calling to me or not. If you haven't said it aloud already, I will say it for you right now. YES, I AM WEIRD. Get over it. わたしはどの友達のグループの人といても、”がり勉"的なイメージが定着しています。 自分がバカ真面目というのもあるのですが、ちょっとハードルを上げられるとプレッシャーが。。。(笑) でも正直なことをいうと、外でワイワイするより、一人で家にこもって本を読んで時間を過ごす方が好きという自分もいます。 本は英語でも日本語でもフランス語でも、読みたいな~と思ったものを手に取っています。 ということで、今回は最近読んで面白かった本…

Black Hair --> Brown Hair💁

Hi there!

Since I had left my hair black for my Seijinshiki photo shoot, I decided to change things up a bit and dye my hair. I've done the bottom half before for the ombré effect but this time, I ombré-ed the entire head.

My stubborn hair takes forever to dye but  it finally decided to show some color.  Team Brunette ftw💪 (Yes, I'm aware this barely shows a difference. I'm expecting about a month before it's really noticeable)

Talk soon!

Coming-of-Age in Japan: Kimonos

Turning 20 in Japan is like turning 18 or 21 in the States, so quite a big deal. Although my big 2-0 was last year, I never took my coming-of-age photos, aka Seijinshiki photos. One of the main reasons I came down to Hiroshima this summer was to take these photos with my grandparents and also because my fashionista grandmother (while our style are totally different, I like to think that my interest in clothes and beauty comes from her) owns quite a kimono collection. I chose two that she personally has worn for some of her own photo shoots (she's a local singer) which are quite unique - traditional with a modern flare that you really don't get to see often. 今年広島に帰ってきた一番の理由といっていいのが成人式の写真を撮るためです。 実は去年もう成人したのですが、まだ写真を撮っていなかったので、やっと撮れたという気分です。 おばあちゃんが着物を何着か持っているのですが、気にいった二着を貸してもらいました。 なかなか見ることがない色とデザインが入ったもので、さすがオシャレさんだなと思いました。

This blue kimono was actually custom-made for my grandmother; I'm very fortunate that it was a perfect fit for me as well!

Before and After: Hiroshima

Stopping by Hiroshima for a bit to see my grandparents for the first time in a little over a year. We had trouble finding each other since we all changed so much. I think my photo taken circa March 2014 speaks for itself.
I mean, LOL Boy have I changed.
笑笑笑笑笑笑笑笑笑 お子ちゃまですね。

A three and a half hour Shinkansen ride that was well worth the trip.
新幹線の中で3時間半後。 寝てたらすぐ過ぎました。

A trip to Hiroshima is not complete without some Okonomiyaki. This is actually a "Hiroshima-style" Okonomiyaki.  There's also an "Osaka-style" and they're different depending on the regions, but don't call them "Hiroshima-style" or "Osaka-style" because the people in those regions will say that they're Okonomiyaki is the real one. Typical family argument in my household since my parents are from those regions.
お好み焼き。 わたしの親は広島と大阪出身なのですが、家でお好み焼きが出る時は「大阪風」、「広島風」というと怒られます。お互い出身地のお好み焼きが本当の「お好み焼き」だと言います。

Shaved ice to…

Goodbye...for now

I swear, burgers are the most versatile food. It can even be a food group all on its own. It literally fits for any situation: hunger, happiness, sadness, sorrow, anger, etc. etc. Mine was a mix of sadness and excitement. Sadness because I'm going to miss my lovely friends and Tokyo. Excitement because, well you all have heard enough of it, I'll be in Paris in less than a month.
昨日もハンバーガー。 どんなシチュエーションにでもあうハンバーガーはスーパーフードだなって思います。

Shinjuku. It was the third time this week in Shinjuku for me and I think I have exhausted that city in terms of places to go on a day out.

Stopped by Plaza, where we spent around an hour(?) looking at Polaroids, and cute cards, makeup, and products but ended up with just a Cadburry chocolate. I mean, why not.

Talk soon!

The Most Beautiful French Toast

 I'll be saying bye to this place soon for an entire year and I'm already starting to feel some nostalgia about the last two years that I called this place my home. 二年間ホームとして通っていた大学とももうすぐで一年間お別れです。 
I met up with my girls from my Spanish class that I took last semester for brunch but we decided to take a detour to our university. 今日はスペイン語の授業で仲良くなった二人とブランチしてきました。 先に大学に寄り道してきました。  Four Cafe for some of the yummiest and prettiest french toast located just minutes away from the main campus of the university. 大学の本キャンパスから歩いて二分くらいで行けるFour Cafeというところでキレイすぎて食べるのがもったいないフレンチトーストを食べてきました。 My Honey Ricotta French Toast わたしが頼んだハニーリコッタフレンチトースト 
The girls went with the Blueberry Cheesecake option. Any guesses on who made the suggestion? 二人はブルーベリーチーズケーキフレンチトースト。 

Off to Shinjuku because we had some time to spare, and after a couple hours of walking and shopping...well, we decided to go round 2 for some sweets. We all coincidentally chose cheesecake. What can I say? Great minds think alike. …

Summer BBQ

I've had a lot of free time to spend time with friends since the end of last month when I officially stopped going to practice to prepare things for study abroad. I've been meeting up with so many people and it's been a wonderful summer break so far. Yesterday, I had a BBQ with my teammates and I had a blast. They surprised me with a T-shirt and an album with messages from everyone and I just felt extremely blessed and glad that I was able to be part of such a lovely team, even though it's actually only been a little over a year. 先月の下旬に体操部から休部をしてから一年ちょっとなかなか無かった自由な時間を満喫しています。東京の寮を出るまでたくさんの人に会うことができてとても充実した日々を過ごしています。昨l日は体操部のみんなと公園でバーベキューをしました。留学の出発前にみんなでワイワイできて、とても楽しい一日でした。サプライズでみんなのメッセージ入りのシャツとアルバムをもらいました。体操部に入部して良かったな~と思える時間でした。

キックボール。最終的にボールが木に引っかかってなくなってしまったので、結果が決まらずに終わりました。 Kickball. The ball ended up getting stuck in the tree so the game ended before we got a final score. Haha

Talk soon!