Friday, August 14, 2015

Coming-of-Age in Japan: Kimonos

Turning 20 in Japan is like turning 18 or 21 in the States, so quite a big deal.
Although my big 2-0 was last year, I never took my coming-of-age photos, aka Seijinshiki photos.
One of the main reasons I came down to Hiroshima this summer was to take these photos with my grandparents and also because my fashionista grandmother (while our style are totally different, I like to think that my interest in clothes and beauty comes from her) owns quite a kimono collection. I chose two that she personally has worn for some of her own photo shoots (she's a local singer) which are quite unique - traditional with a modern flare that you really don't get to see often.

This blue kimono was actually custom-made for my grandmother; I'm very fortunate that it was a perfect fit for me as well!

Talk soon!

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  1. なんと綺麗なお嬢さんだこと、私の孫とは思えないわ。