Thursday, August 20, 2015

Food Diary #1

(At Osaka now)
I think today will be the day that I take you through the food in my life, because I think as you already know or have guessed, eating is pretty much what I live for. Counting calories is the devil for me so instead of eating less, I exercise to burn it all off, hence the start of my morning runs circa when I stopped gymnastics (Who knew working out in the morning would be so delightful?!?! I am officially converted to morning workouts instead of afternoons!). Watching Barefoot Contessa and Drivers, Diners, and Dives for hours on end is a passion (Food Network has always been my favorite channel, hard to guess since I watch so many crime dramas); not saying I am anywhere near being a chef. Funny story, I often helped my mom cook when I was little but always did the chopping. I didn't do much of the flavoring so now I'm left with decent chopping skills but not so much in the taste department. I think we can all say that there is always room for improvement.
わたしは食べることが生き甲斐といっていいほど食べるの大好きな食いしん坊です。カロリー計算は大嫌いで、ご飯を減らすくらいなら運動を少し長めにやって好きなだけ食べる方がいいです。それと体操の練習がもうないという理由で最近朝ランニングをすることになりました。夕方より朝に運動する方が一日を有意義に過ごせることに気が付き(これは人にもよりますが。。。)続けようと思っています。テレビを観ている時もFood Networkというクッキング番組が立て続けに流れるチャンネルと観ている時が本当に幸せで、特にBarefoot ContessaとDrivers, Diners, and Divesは永遠と観続けても楽しいです(最近Youtubeで動画を発見し、寝る前の時間がこの二つの番組に費やされています。)。
Fresh Fig, Yogurt, Mixed Nuts drizzled with Honey
Getting that healthy kick in during my mid-morning snack.

Lupicia Tea + Vanilla Cookies
Fancy tea time with the flavorful Peach Oolong Tea. I read somewhere the British people dip their cookies in tea? I hope I'm correct but I did it anyway and it was delicious.
Lupicia Tea + バニラクッキー

Daily Green Smoothie
I introduced Grandma to smoothies and she really liked them so we've been making it daily for breakfast. This one has kiwi, banana, spinach, broccoli, carrots, a spash of milk and a drizzle of honey - we measured how much fruits and vegetables we were intaking from this juice and it was a pretty impressive 200g! (Daily recommended intake is 400g)

Tempura craving satisfied with Grandma's homemade mix of shrimp, sweet potatos, eggplants, green peppers, green peas, and onion and carrots Kakiage.



Talk soon!

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  1. 食べてる時のあゆちゃんは幸せそう、それを食べてもらう私も幸せ、という幸せづくしです。