Thursday, August 6, 2015

Goodbye...for now

I swear, burgers are the most versatile food. It can even be a food group all on its own. It literally fits for any situation: hunger, happiness, sadness, sorrow, anger, etc. etc.
Mine was a mix of sadness and excitement. Sadness because I'm going to miss my lovely friends and Tokyo. Excitement because, well you all have heard enough of it, I'll be in Paris in less than a month.


It was the third time this week in Shinjuku for me and I think I have exhausted that city in terms of places to go on a day out.


Stopped by Plaza, where we spent around an hour(?) looking at Polaroids, and cute cards, makeup, and products but ended up with just a Cadburry chocolate.
I mean, why not.


Talk soon!

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