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Book Recommendations #1: For a Spark of Happiness and Motivation

So it's a given fact that I am a nerd.
It's probably the second most obvious things after of course, my outrageous love for cheesecake.
Everyone just...knows it.
I would honestly spend my time reading than to go out dancing on a Friday night (or any night for that matter) and I am totally cool with that. I just thought that I would give a run down of my recent reads since I've been having quite a successful month in discovering some pretty interesting books.
There are no specific genres or languages (I mean English, Japanese, or French) when I decide to crack open the cover of a book. It all depends on whether I feel like the book is calling to me or not.
If you haven't said it aloud already, I will say it for you right now.
YES, I AM WEIRD. Get over it.
A little background story of a lot of these books:
I may or may not have mentioned this before but my Dad has quite the library. Growing up, he always had books all over the house and sometimes, he would hand me, or even buy me a copy, of books he thought would be meaningful to us kids. The last time I went "home home" to California was last summer, and again, he had a list for me to take on. I packed my suitcase with my new collection but until recently, these books have been left on the back burner. I'm getting ready to pack what I need for study abroad and I'm trying to keep things as minimal as possible. I'm thinking that maybe I can even sell the books after I finish them. And so, Operation Finish Books began.


Starting off with the book in my first picture: Why "A" Students Work for "C" Students
This is written my the New York Times bestselling author Robert Kiyosaki, who in a nutshell, grew up as a "C" student but now operates his business by working above so called "A" students. He introduces readers to a different perspective on financial education and how to live off of passive income, which essentially equates to generating cash flow without physically working. My Dad has ingrained in my head to "be the employer, not the employee" and this book is the epitome of Dad's life lessons. Why "A" Students Work for "C" Students is extremely non-bookworm friendly and draws reader's into to consider studying financial education. To be honest, I didn't really give this book a second thought when Dad first introduced it to me when I was in middle school (? maybe earlier??) but things are starting to sink in now that I am more educated about the world.

まず一冊目は最初の写真にも写っているWhy "A" Students Work for "C" Students です。ロバート・キヨサキ作のこの本は現在の教育システムに欠けている金融に関する大切さと受動的所得の得方を簡単にかみ砕いて説明してくれます。わたしは小さい頃からお父さんに"雇われる側ではなくて、経営する側になれ"という風に言われ続けていました。中学生くらいの時に同じ作者作の関連の本を"読まされた"のですが、当時はなんでそんな本を読んでいたのかも、なんで同じことを繰り返し聞かされていたのかもよく理解できていませんでした。最近ようやく自分の将来が見えてきて、それを実現するためにどれだけかかるかなどが分かってきたため、お父さんがなぜこの本をあんなに勧めてきたのかも理解できてきました。

Book #2 is a Japanese translation of Jerry Minchinton's Maximum Self -Esteem (I am assuming). This is a book that will just leave you happy, motivated, and feeling better about yourself. I decided to purchase this when I was really stressed about preparing everything for study abroad; I guess I bought it at the perfect timing because my head felt clearer and I was better able to control my emotions. I love the title, which roughly translates to "How to Become the Best Version of You"- if you're a multilingual, you know that companies often change the product names to more relevant terms for the targeted society - which is not something you see often in Japan and which was also a big reason why I decided to add it to my collection. The omnipresent voice gives just enough to think about; a simple read but definitely worth reading over and over again. 
Maximum Self-Esteem: The Handbook for Reclaiming Your Sense of Self-Worth
Book #3, or Adulting by Kelly Williams Brown, was a book that I kind of bought on a whim. I got drawn into the Japanese title (Lady Lesson) and thought, why not, I should probably start learning how to be more lady-like. I was positively surprised on how sucked in I became in reading the 350 pieces of advice written with wit, humor, and sarcasm. The comedic approach on how to deal with society, friends, family, money, work, etc. left me chuckling throughout the entire read. Funny, yet educational.
次はケリー・ウィリアムズ・ブラウン作のLady Lessonです。買うか買わないかで迷ったのですが、図書カードがあったので、まあいっかというノリで買いました。結果買って本当によかったです。ユーモアたっぷりの350個の女性向けのアドバイスは読んでいてつい笑ってしまう部分がたくさんありました。一つ残念なのが、もとの英語の文章を想像しながら読んでいると、言語の違いがあるのでしっかりユーモアをとらえきれていなかったことです。"英語だったらここ笑うところなのにー"と思う場面がいくつかありました。でも、ためになることをこんなにたくさん詰め込められた本は他にはないと思います。親近感が沸いて、たまに少し毒舌で、でも頼れるお姉さんみたいな口調なので、読んでいて楽しいのは間違いなしです。

Book #4 is 勝つまで戦う (in English: Fight Until You Win) by Watami CEO Miki Watanabe, which unfortuately does not have an English translation. This was the second book written by a CEO that I have read, after Onward by Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz and I loved this one just the same. Both just shine with their love for their respective companies and reading about the roadmap to becoming entrepreneurs and determining what they believe is the best during tough business situations are both motivating and fascinating. Thanks again to Dad for the recommendation.

For my current read, I have Grinding It Out by the oh-so-famous Mr. Ray Kroc who built McDonald's into the world's most famous and successful fast food business. This book translates to "Success is found in the trash bin" - which is actually quite perfect because of how innovatively Kroc utilized his meager resources to establish something that he was convinced would be successful. Another book I cannot wait to read on!


Happy reading and Talk soon!


  1. 私も読書がんばるよ。寝っ転がって本を読むって最高だよ。


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