Friday, August 21, 2015

World Press Photo Exhibit 2015

Flash back to a couple days ago when I went to Umeda/Namba with my lovely friend, whom I'll refer to as RiRi. She'll be going off to DC to study abroad at Georgetown (smart girl, I know) and she was stopping by in the Kansai area for her trip around Japan before setting off to the States. She found that the World Press Photo Exbihition was taking place in Umeda, Osaka so we decided to check it out. It was pretty incredible - a year worth of issues happpening around the world seen through photos. The photos were breathtaking and moving; I'm not sure if my sister is interested in political-type photos but I think these would be striking to see, since she's quite the photographer.
There was a separate photo exhibit of the 2011 Tohoku Japan Earthquake so we stopped by. I feel like Japan makes an effort to keep the issue alive because obviously, it affects the country the most; it got me thinking how much the rest of the world is aware of how destructive the earthquake/tsunami really was. I guess the same goes for me when I saw the World Press Photos. Even though I was aware of the big picture, I lacked the specifics. I guess overall, it was a mind-triggering (thought-provoking?) event.

Standing next to the sign that was way too bright for the camera.

HORAI 555 pork bun at Namba because you can't leave Namba without eating at least one.

1 am struggles of not being able to sleep made better after skyping with the two crazy (and lovely) ladies...and I am on the lookout for someone who looks presentable in the middle of the night because this proves it's not me.

夜中の一時なかなか寝れなかったのでこの二人のSkype. 久しぶりに話すとやっぱり楽しいですね。

Talk soon!

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  1. 豚まんの食べ歩きなんて私達の若い頃は考えられません。食べる時はちゃんと座るか腰掛けるかでした。