Thursday, September 3, 2015

First Days in France (English)

Bonjour Paris!
After landing in France (omg I can't believe this is for real!) a couple days ago, I'm finally getting settled into this new atmosphere. I moved into my dorm and am loving the view. A definite room tour coming up once my boxes arrive next week (fingers crossed).

First thing I noticed before anything else, oddly, was the plug. I needed to charge my phone and couldn't find anywhere to plug my phone until a Turkish girl, who was entering the dorm on the same day, told me that they are actually comme ca. Apparently this is the norm in Europe? I think I actually confused her because of my odd reaction to not being able to find the plugs. My home university handed out cell-phones to use during our time abroad and thank goodness that came with a converter.

So there is a reason for my lack of photos.
Main reason being that I got lost, big time.
There are three train stations near my dorm and I decided to go for a morning run/station hunting yesterday, which was originally aimed to be about 30 minutes but got extended to more than 2 hours. And forget about the term morning "run" because it was more like "panic walk" or "frantically trying to regain sense of direction," which I don't have by the way. The whole experience just reinstituted the fact that I should not challenge myself when it comes to unknown streets, especially in a new country.
So 9am I headed off to my first station. Found it in under 10 minutes. Easy.
What I should have done then was to walk back to the starting point but nooooooo, my conscience thought I was smart enough to handle a totally different route when this is obviously not the case. I walked in an unknown direction and somehow ended up finding the second station. Now this station is literally a five minute walk to the dorm. Like literally cross the side walk once and walk straight kinda close, but I somehow managed to elongate that into 2 hours. Yes, I know. You all can hold the applause because I know it's kind of amazing. My brilliant mind decided to walk the opposite direction from the dorm and make more turns than imageneable. It's pretty incredible that I found my dorm on the same day. I also later realized that I had actually walked straight by the dorm without realizing. My excuse was that the entire street looks monotonic.
(What's that I see? Oh yes, the crown of idiocy because I would be the Queen without any opposition)
Anyways, I decided to go backwards and found my first station which, thank goodness, had a tower-ish thing nearby so was not too hard to find. (But wait, there's more!) I started back to the direction of the dorm (what my idiotic brain thought to be the direction of the dorm) and got lost once again. It was back-and-forth between the tower and a different street until I finally got it right and made it home.
I found the third station no problem and collapsed onto my bed at 11:20ish.
I'm disappointed that I couldn't really enjoy and take in the landmarks that I came by during my little incident because I was too focused on getting home. I passed by the Seine River amongst other areas that I hope to see once again and take pictures!
I have so many different posts planned so hopefully you all can enjoy my year abroad here in Paris with me!
Talk soon!

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