Sunday, September 6, 2015

Getting Around in Paris

Today marks the day of my first time meeting my fellow study abroad students at my receiving university. I really didn't know what to expect but was surprisingly not nervous. Since I didn't need to go to campus until a little before noon, I started off the day with some yoga and catching up.
I bought this salad at a nearby supermarket for a little under two euros, which was pretty cheap for me considering how expensive salads can be in Japan...and it was sooooo good! 

今日から留学生はIntegration Weekといって大学の手続きやフランスでの勉強や生活の情報を教えてもらう期間が始まりました。お昼からだったので、朝はゆっくり過ごしました。ヨガをしながらちょっとづつ目を覚まして、ご飯はここ前買っていたサラダを食べました。2ユーロ以下でこのボリューム。チーズがたっぷり入っていたので腹持ちが良く、Vinegretteドレッシングもとても美味しかったです。

My grandma in Hiroshima, as I mentioned before is extremely fashion forward, gave me clothes to last a lifetime...well a lot of them at least. I promised her that I would upload photos of my outfits with her clothes so here starts my outfit journey.


Outfit #1:
Black blouse: Grandma
Green Suade Pants: UNIQLO
Sandals: Grandma
Bag: Coach


Instead of showing what time the trains will arrive, French train systems show in how many minutes the train will arrive.


The passengers press a button on the door to open when they arrive at their station.


A French street market.
So much variety and extremely pretty to look at.


Stopped by a bakery because Mom wanted to take a peek.


At the cash register,  we actually paid through a machine as the cashier handed us our bread. Always something new to learn.


My beautiful croissant.
It was cold but amazingly extremely crispy. The French definitely take their croissants seriously.


Talk soon!

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  1. マーケットはその国の様子がわかるよね。みんな美味しそうでよだれが出そう。食いしん坊のあゆちゃんはお小遣いが心配ね。