Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I'm Singing in the Rain (English)

It's raining in Paris today. 
Actually more like these past couple of days. It rains hard for a couple of minutes and dies down for a few moments. The cycle makes it hard for me to decide when to go outside. I ended up getting wet anyway on my way to school today. 
I have yet to get my student NAVIGO card, which is a 40 euros per month all-you-can-use train pass, but I learned of its existence a bit late and realized I won't be able to get one until November. I've been walking to and from my campus to save some money. 45 minutes one way, 35 minutes if I speed walk. The different sceneries make the trips fun and I'm actually reconsidering whether I really need the train pass.

Reviewing yesterday's notes. Although they aren't mine, as I mentioned yesterday, I'm a bit relieved to find out that the content itself was not too hard. I am just not at par with the listening skills. I'm sure I'll be encountering many more "Sh*t I'm gonna fail this course" moments but I feel like I can at least make it through understanding  this first lecture.

I asked a fellow classmate once again for notes, and it turns out she was American! She was a full time student in France, not an exchange student like me, and was fluent in French (kind of obvious, yes I know). It was a motivation booster to speak French so effortlessly. I will be her in a year.

Talk soon!

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