Friday, September 25, 2015

My Week, This Week (English)

Long time no talk!
Second week of studies finished and I'm happy to announce that I can actually feel myself improving in French. It's really exciting when you realize all of a sudden that you had a normal conversation with a French person. There's still more to improve on but for now, I am glad I came to France.
My boxes finally arrived from Tokyo and I finally got to see these bottles of happiness again.
I think I might to a facemask today and relax a bit today.
My used-to-be-empty closet finally looks like someone actually lives in this room.
France is officially mid-fall.
I only packed one jean-jacket, thinking France would be warmer.
Thank goodness my coats arrived just in time.

Sandwich du jambon et fromage aka ham and cheese sandwich but like, an upgraded version.
The ham was more like roast beef and the cheese wasn't those cheep slices.

I feel like I've bee seeing a lot of "Honey-flavored" foods since I get here.
I found this honey-flavored chocolate and decided to check it out.
It was like a Twix bar with the caramel replaced with honey.
Pretty tastey!

I've gotten better at note-taking in French!
I have yet to understand 100% but this is a real improvement compared to the first days of classes.
I draw lines on parts that were too fast for me to understand.
The beginning is alright...

...but two and a half hours later results in lines after every other word. Honestly, where would I be without the lovely people who lends me their notes after class.

Talk soon!

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