Sunday, September 27, 2015

Picnic at the Eiffel Tower (English)

Part 2 of my Saturday down below.
The picnic was located at Champs de Mars which is a really big park that the Eiffel Tower looks over. We arrived a bit early, I turned into a major tourist had a photo session in front of this beauty. Unfortuantely the wind seemed to want to blow just in my face so my hair was flying all over the place. Here's a bit of a candid photo for you.

Checked another thing off my bucket list with two pretty awesome people.

The Eiffel Tower has a totally different view throughout the day and I was fortunate enough to see the change happen right in front of my eyes.

8:00 pm (ish)

8:30 (?? now I'm just guessing)

a little later

(probably around) 9:30pm


The picnic was great and I got to meet fellow exchange students whom I haven't already met.
There was plenty of wine, baguettes, cheese, sausages, and jambons to go around. It was just a nice, peaceful, relaxing, and fun gathering where people didn't really give much thought to the time (I left around 10:45 pm but the picnic still went on).

Feeling really thankful for this very French experience:)
Talk soon!

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