Saturday, September 12, 2015

Pont de l'Archevêché

Hello again!
Here's the second post of the day and I am quite enjoying this slow, relaxing day. It's raining outside today but I'm enjoying the slight breeze that I'm getting through the window.
So here's a flashback to yesterday when I took yet another detour on the way home from my university campus and encountered some happy surprises. To be honest I was a bit lost but I guess there was a purpose because I found Pont de l'Archevêché, or the lock bridge, where couples write their names on a lock and hang them on the bridge. I think I was the only single one lol but it was pretty entertaining watching couples taking creative photos with their selfie sticks.
昨日はまたまた帰宅中寄り道をしました。偶然にもPont de l'Archevêché を見つけることができて一人で興奮していました。本当はカップルが二人の名前をロックに書いて橋につけるという場所なのですが、周りを見ているだけでとても微笑ましかったです。景色もキレイだし、とても楽しめました。

Rewind a couple hours back to my university campus.
We had a Cocktail Party (How French is that?) in the evening as a way of welcoming the exchange students and to also kick off the school year. We were served champagne and finger foods and OMG they were really delicious. I don't know much about champagne but I can definitely say that the macarons and tarts were tres bien.

Walking home from campus. It's kind of a pointless video but I think it capturesa bit of the liveliness of the Latin Quarter, where my university is at. I'll take a better video next time.

I had no idea where Notre Dame was located but I guess it was near the campus right behind the lock bridge. Quite a breathtaking monument that will leave saying "Whoa..."
I can't quite grasp in a photo the entire atmosphere that I'm experiencing in a photo and wish that I had my sister with me.

フランスにいる間ノートルダム宮殿に行っておきたいなと思っていたのですが、大学の近くにありびっくりしました。さっきのPont de l'Archevêchéの目の前です。わたしがいうのも変ですが、とても"美しく"て、迫力に魅了されました。なかなか写真で感じたものを伝えられる能力がないので、写真が上手なが一緒にいたらなーと思ったりしました。

And finally a quick snap of the scenery on the way home.

Talk soon!

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