Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sandwich with just cheese (English)

Finally relaxing after a long day...
I ordered a Sandwich du Camembert at a deli inside the university thinking I would get a cheese-based sandwich along with some other things. Turns out it was literally a Camembert cheese sandwich lol But let me tell you about the cheese! It was infinitely different from any other Camembert cheese I've had in the past:there was no thick odor, it was slightly sweet, and had a buttery aroma and texture. It was honestly a very happy surprise.

Official classes started today for me and the day started off a bit shaky. My first class was supposed to begin at 8am so I got up pretty early but when the professor welcomed the students to a class with a totally different name, more than half the students were left confused. Turns out our class was supposed to take place tomorrow at 8am. I also found out at the same time that it was an "avec TD" class, which to make a long story short, is far more advanced than a normal class and is also something I am not ready for level-wise at the moment. I decided to drop that class for another one.
The next class was on a different campus so I walked but ten minutes before class started, the professor sent out an email announcing that class is cancelled for the week. My initial thought was "Are all my classes going to get cancelled?" What are the chances, like seriously.
My next class didn't start until much later in the evening so I decided to go home for a while to fix my schedule because I needed to make some changes due to some suprises from the morning.
Thank goodness the third class went smoothly; I was not ready to go home again. This class was called Regime de L'Obligation and in all honesty, I understood close to 0% of the lecture. I feel like I should have been worried but for some reason I was extremely calm. Like too calm. I hope the bad feeling I'm getting isn't real...
There was a really nice girl sitting next to me willing to share her notes with me. To everyone who believe the stereotype that French people are stuck up: she just proved you wrong. Well actually, it's not just her. French people are really nice in general. Anyways, her notes just screamed intelligence. Not only did she have the professor's notes down, she summarized the details and worte everything in an esssay format. I felt like I was reading pages off of a textbook. Wow. Paris 1, you blow me away.
Talk soon!

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