Saturday, September 26, 2015


Salut tous les mondes!
It is currently 1:15am but I just really feel like writing a post right now so here we go.
This weekend has kicked off to a great start so far as I finally experienced "French time" for the first time; when I say "French time," I mean how time seems to move slower in France. I'm so used to the hustle and bustle of L.A. and Tokyo that it was nice to just sit back and let time go on on its own. I'm going to break this post apart into two parts because it just makes sense, naturally, as you will see.
First off, a couple of my friends and I headed to STREET FOOD TEMPLE, which was taking place at Carreau de Temple near the station Republique. This place hosts many events and this time around it was a foodtruck festival. I believe the theme was Korean food because there was and entire street dedicated to Korean cuisine amongst various other food trucks which included American, Mexican, Thai, etc.
As I mentioned before, "Korea" was the theme so naturally, I got in line for the Korean food. It was a HUGE line that barely budged over the course of however long I was waiting but the taste of Asian food made up for it. I haven't had "regular" (my standards, I mean) steamed rice in such a long time, that that alone was enough for me make me happy.
Spicy Chicken "Bento" : 12 euros

Carreau de Temple took the food inside this building as well.

Bars, Music, Free Samples, and More Food, including Desserts

This Delicatessen Food Truck struck home because they served brownies, blondies, and cookie brownies. Umm, yes please!

Cookie Brownie: 3.5 euros

It's moments like these when you just thank your past-self for deciding to save as money as possible so that I don't feel guilty for splurging a bit on some yummy food.

There was a picnic that was planned for the Paris 1 ISAP students, or the International Student Association of Paris, in the evening that we planned to go to so we stopped by a local supermarket called MONOPRIX to buy some food and drinks. It was much larger than the one located near my dorm with a far larger stock and variety of everything - I was amazed and excited at the same time.
Nothing beats the wine section in France.

I have never seen a purple cauliflower before. Is there even a difference from the original one besides the color?

My friend is really serious about her bread.
Understandable because it was ridiculously cheap.
To continue and Talk soon!

P.S. I've been going back and forth between separating posts in English and Japanese to keeping them in the same post. Which do you all prefer?

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