Saturday, September 12, 2015

The 9th

Sorry for the gap between the posts. I've finally ended my integration week of 5 very full days for foreign exchange students. I have been a bit overwhelmed with everything but I have had bits of posts saved up so I'll be breaking them up into parts to share with you.
It's finally the weekend and I have the privelege of sleeping in because I don't have to wake up before 7 to be on time for classes and I can stay in to get away from the outside world for a while. This week has been quite a lot to take in.
更新の間に少し空いてしまってごめんなさい。やっと、交換留学生のために設けられていたIntegration Weekという週が終わりました。朝から夕方まで結構フルな一週間が終わって大分ホッとしております。月曜日から本格的に授業が始まりますが、とりあえずやっと週末になってお昼前まで寝れるという幸せを感じてます。
I was at the 9th arrondissement for an appointment and was really blown away by the beauty - well, a different kind of beauty from what I had seen so far in Paris. There were far more tourists than I had seen combined in the other areas I had been to so there was a very welcoming vibe to the area. I stepped into the Galerie de Galerie, which is a huge mall of designer brands where the workers that spoke English and Chinese to accomodate with the customers. I was a bit surprised to be stopped at the entrance to check my baggage by men in black suits.
用事で9区に行ってきたのですが、今までとはまた違うオシャレな雰囲気を感じました。ここには観光客がとても多くて、Galerie de Galerieという有名ブランドだらけのショッピングモールの中には英語や中国語を喋れる従業員がたくさんいました。入口で黒のスーツを着ている男の人にバッグの中身をチェックされた時は少し驚きました。

The city.

The fanciest H&M I have ever been into. Again, there were workers in black suits, whom I assume were security, walking around the store. I've ben in H&M stores in the States, Japan, and Paris now but they all carry very different atmospheres - while the H&M in the States have a quite young feel and Japan has a pop feel to the stores, the one in Paris that I wen to was full of super-chicness. The displays were gorgeous and I felt like I was in a much higher end store.

First UNIQLO that I have seen in France. This store was super fancy as well. I avoided going in because I felt a bit intimidated by the men in black suits (aka very tall, pretty, model-like people) waiting at the entrance. Sorry, you only get a photo of the outside entrance.
Talk soon!

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