Monday, September 21, 2015

Hôtel de Ville

Bonjour to all!
Hope you are all doing well.
I have concluded the first official week of classes and have started the next but still getting used to this new schedule. I have some changes I want to make so hopefully that will all go smoothly.
Some of the historic landmarks have been open to the public the last couple of days so I had the pleasure of visiting Hôtel de Ville a couple days ago with some fellow exchange students. It was absolutely breathtaking and was another reminder of the depth of French history and politics.
For those of you who aren't familiar with Hôtel de Ville, it is the City Hall of Paris, located in the 4th arrondissment near the station Châtelet Les Halles, which is not only an administrative office but also a historic landmark that has played a key role in French Revolution amongst other political events.
少し前からフランスの有名スポットが一般公開されていたので、他の留学生何人かと一緒にHôtel de Villeに行ってきました。Hôtel de Villeとは第4区に位置するパリの市庁舎で、フランス革命や数々の歴史的な事件に関わりのあった建物です。ロベスピエールが市庁舎内で数百年前撃たれて逮捕されたということを学んだのですが、教科書に出てくるような歴史的スポットに実際に行っても、"本当でここで起きたのかな~"となんだか信じきれませんでした。

The first thing I noticed about the interior was the grand presence of the rooms ornated with paintings that enveloped all corners of the walls. The effort put into each detail was unbelievable.



We move onto the library now where many intelligent and important people do their research to better this fine land.

Can we just admire this beautiful library?
I would love to spend a day in here getting lost in time with a nice book.


This staircase reminded me of the one that Professor Henry Higgins had in his own library in My Fair Lady.
この階段、My Fair Ladyに出てくるヘンリーヒギンズ教授の書庫にあるのと似てないですか?

The beautiful mayor's office, which I fell in love with.
The mayor's name is Anne Hidalgo and she's actually first women to hold the office as Mayor of Paris. I really admire women with power.
現在の市長はAnne Hidalgoといって、パリでは始めての女性市長だそうです。

Here's to more adventures in Paris!


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