Monday, October 19, 2015

A Compilation of Current Me

I've been getting a bit busy lately so I've compiled small entries of my thoughts and experiences over the last couple of weeks.
Aside from school and work, my time has been being spent watching movies, reading, or taking a walk. Walking is an everyday thing, considering that I usually commute on foot but I tend to have phases between watching movies or reading. Right now, I'm into films. I know I'm all the way in France right now I have recently started to gain an appreciation for Japanese films. I feel like just sitting would be a waste of time so I've taken on the habit of giving myself a lymph massage, which is actually good to detox the body, for the duration of the film.
 I didn't necessarily decide on this from the beginning but I have this personal rule that if my destination is within an hour radius, I will walk. I look up the route and estimated time before hand but recently, even if the time shows a number over an hour, I tell myself that I can walk it in under an hour.
The restaurant the I work in actually feeds me dinner during my shifts so I look forward everytime to the hot bowl of rice that I only get to eat there.

I've been living off of baguettes and pasta for the sole reason that they are extremely cheap here in France. I craved raw fruit so I bought myself a grapefruit even though it was a bit on the expensive side. Cravings satsfied.

I actually met my first American customer today - 2 groups actually. One was from LA and actually new of the city that I am from. I got excited for this rare occassion and we were able to talk a bit about our hometowns.

I have been struggling with one of my classes since Day 1, not only because of the content but also because of the professor is a bit hard to understand. I was surprised to find myself "hearing" every word in class. I've got a long way to go until I understnd 100% of the content but I love seeing the progression of my French level.
I had a bit of time before work so I took a walk around the city. I found chocolate heels through a window pane of a chocolaterie and my initial thought was "Wow, that looks delicious." The price tag made me realize that I probably shouldn't.

Me cooking =boiling past and mixing in pre-cut veggies and pasta sauce.

To continue.

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