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The Start of Winter Break

Hello again to yet another long overdue post that I am half sorry, half not sorry for because I have just been enjoying being a college student. Devouring experiences, improving my French, meeting new people, and working at a restaurant that I love everything about have all cumulatively made these last 3 months extremely rich, fulfilling, and productive.
I am slightly hungover but very much into the Holiday spirit after a Christmas party last night at one of my friend's universities here in France to celebrate the start of winter break (finally!). I cannot believe first semester is almost coming to a close - Time just keeps pushing me forward through my exchange program without ever slowing down when I just want to enjoy the city. I dread the moment I will have to start counting down to my departure. All in all, I would just like to give 2014 Ayu a nice pat on the back for deciding to study abroad. The picture below is actually a shopping mall next to Paris' city hall.
(It's really devastating how little photos I have of Paris because it's really festive and gorgeous right now...I need to learn to not just walk past amazing photo ops)

Associating studying with winter break, or any kind of break from school, makes me sound like quite the dedicated student but I'm going to allow myself to put that aside for just a week because I am going on a trip to Germany with the one and only Chloe, who happens to be one of the few friends studying abroad in Europe amongst the bunch who are currently in the US. It honestly feels like ages since I last physically saw her (skyping doesn't really count) but if I think about it, it's really only been 4 months? I guess it just feels overtly long because we're so used to bothering each other from back when we lived literally 10 seconds away from each other at our student dorm during our first year and a half in college. Anyways, to make up for the week in Germany, I've been trying to get at least some of my studying done, which I don't know if I can really call successful? There is a sh*t ton of materiel that just seems to flood out the moment I think I comprehend it but I can't stay on the same materiel forever because there's still so much more to study. It's really frustrating and has caused me to finish two 750g jars of Nutella knock-offs (THEY. ARE. HUGE.) in one week - I am honestly worried that I am going to have diabetes by the end of the year.

I am currently staring at my open bag waiting for me to start packing for Germany, which has so far been unsuccessful. I'm a last minute kind of packer if you know what I mean. I have to half blame Zoella and Tanya Burr for putting up Vlogmas videos which are too engaging for me to start doing things that I actually need to get done. I made a list a couple days ago and have checked off one. SMH

So I guess this is an only-English post.
Will post again!


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