Sunday, January 31, 2016

Friday Movie Night

Just a chill Friday night to finish off another week being a student.
We went to watch Le Garçon et La Bête, which is actually a Japanese film but we watched it with French subtitles. It was funny and heartwarming with some tear jerking moments that's a great to watch with anybody.

今週の金曜日は映画を観に行ってきました。Le Garçon et La Bêteという映画なのですが、もともと日本の映画なので、フランス語の字幕で観ました。笑いあり、涙ありの心温まるお話でとても面白かったです。

Nachos🧀 + Beer🍻 = 😄😄😄


Ready to conquer the new week!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Champs Élysée in the Dark

Paris is a million times more beautiful at night and this city has never failed to put me in awe with its sites.
I took a trip down to Champs Élysées a couple weeks back once it got dark - I'd seen the monument multiple times from afar but it was the first time standing under the famous arch. It was so huge it wouldn't fit in my frame. I wouldn't mind just standing in the middle and gaze at the view for hours on end. I hear we can go on top of this monument(???) and I of course I have to do it. Unfortunately it was already closed so that's for another day.


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Le Panthéon

I wrote in my last post of 2015 that it was the best year for me by far and that 2016 would have a lot to live up to. I am determined to make 2016 even better and so I have been keeping a bucket list of things to do for the year. I have been enjoying/cannot wait to cross(ing) off each thing.

2015年の振り返りの更新でも書きましたが、2015年はわたしにとってとてもいい年でした。2016年はそれを超えて、去年以上に色々経験したいと思ってBucket Listを作りました。ひとつづつ消していくのが楽しみです。

The Pantheon has appeared multiple times in previous posts and has been on my bucket list of places to visit since I arrived here. This historic monument is actually a museum and yesterday was the day that I finally went inside.


Originally built to be a church, this monument now houses remains of countless French citizens who impacted France's history.




I really appreciated France's ideals of allowing freedom of thought and expression. The hundreds, or perhaps thousands, or names engraved in the walls of the monument gave a presence much louder than any other artifacts.


Sunday, January 24, 2016

#throwback 😛😛

How me is it to spend an entire day just binge watching Law & Order. I recently started watching this show and I am absolutely hooked. Tbh I waited this long to start it because I just knew this would happen after reading the description but I have no regrets of starting it. Anything legal or medical related will leave me content without a doubt.

今日はわたしらしく一日Law & Orderというドラマを観て過ごしました。タイトルを見ただけで絶対ハマってしまうと分かっていたので観ないようにしていたのですが、最近始めてしまいました。Special Victims Unitというニューヨーク警察署の部にクローズアップしたお話なのですが、毎回45分とは思えないくらい深くて、ドラマが多くて本当に本当におもしろいです。法律系か医療系のドラマだったら大体ハマってしまうんですけどね。

I was scrolling through my photos today and the one photo that I took exactly a year ago on January 24, 2015 was this gratin that my French roommate had made when we lived together at our dorm. This is actually a really good memory because we spent the evening in the kitchen speaking majority French and this was also the first time I realized that I knew a bit more than I had believed. Obviously I know now that that was no where near sufficient for what had been actually waiting for me in France but it was a very comforting and reassuring experience for me. We talked about how I would hopefully be in Paris the same day next year...and wow, it actually came true. Lesson reassured: If you want something bad enough, you WILL conquer.


Saturday, January 23, 2016

To Record My Life 😝✌🏼️


I finally did it, I got myself a Polaroid!!! Aaaaa I'm so excited. It's on my list of things of things to buy forever so I told myself I could get one after finals as a treat to myself.


Can't wait to record my life with this thing!!📸✈️🎊

Friday, January 22, 2016


Our Germany trip was over but my friend stopped by in Paris before going back to the UK where she's studying abroad!


We arrived pretty late in Paris and we were both really tired so we decided to just call it a night and see each other again the next day. I absolutely love that feeling of coming home after being out for  a long time.


We met up at the Latin Quarter, which is where my university is located.

次の日は朝からLatin Quarterで待ち合わせ。

Jardin du Luxembourg. I can't believe ID didn't take more photos but it's a beautiful place full of nature.




Department of Law


Notre Dame


My friend had been telling me that she hasn't had good Japanese food in a while so we stopped by the restaurant that I work at for some Gyudon, Katsu Curry and Gyoza. Pretty heavy for a breakfast but we were both very happy after a week of living off of bread, sausages, and beer.


Walking off all the food with a trip to the Louvre.


(Not the Champs Elysee)


Paris (maybe other cities as well?) has chairs sitting around at parks that are located in various parts of the city for people to sit, lounge, and enjoy the view. This is something I have come to love about the city but was kind of bizarre at first, especially coming from two very capitalistic countries like the US and Japan where I feel like there's a constant pressure to keep moving.
Enjoying another sit and talk session.


The real Champs Elysee


A cup of chocolate chaud to warm us up.


It was a bit far since we were walking but we made it to the Eiffel Tower!
Sitting above the fountains for a photo-taking/talk session.


Before we knew it, the sky was turning darker and we went down to see the tower from below.


Next day was sadly my friend's last day in Paris.
Spent the morning together over some brunch.
Can't wait to see you again in the summer!


Thursday, January 21, 2016

My Germany Trip Part 4: Heidelberg

I'm taking it back to our final destination on our Germany trip in Heidelberg. It was a breathtaking city that allowed us to finish this amazing trip with a bang.


The Heidelberg Castle.
We arrived late afternoon and were able to see it lit up later in the evening.


We actually climbed us the castle the next morning. We could have used a tram to go up but decided to hike up instead. The climb itself wasn't hard at all but I had heels on my boots that got stuck here and there in the cracks.
This was worth it when we reached the top.


The best view yet on the trip.
Everything seemed a bit bigger and more spread out in Heidelberg.


There was an area in the castle that looked like fancy picture frames. This is what we came up with.


The backside of the castle.


Back down to the city after enjoying the beautiful view.


It was so warm and cozy inside, I wanted to stay there forever.


I forgot the name of this dish but it's grilled chicken laid on top of a sort of cream sauce all topped with a pineapple garnished with cheese and jam. It was an interesting combination but surprisingly extremely delicious.




Buying souvenirs at a bakery.


I absolutely fell in love with the star shaped almond cookies on the second row from the top.
It was full of aroma with the right amount of sweetness and a bit of a sandy texture and crunch.
I would not mind going back just for those cookies.


We had a bit of time left so we stopped by an incredible Christmas store.
Every inch of the store was covered with something Christmas-y and I enjoyed taking in the cozy and festive atmosphere.


Germany, I'm coming back for you again someday!
Hopefully with the other girls too next time!