Saturday, January 30, 2016

Champs Élysée in the Dark

Paris is a million times more beautiful at night and this city has never failed to put me in awe with its sites.
I took a trip down to Champs Élysées a couple weeks back once it got dark - I'd seen the monument multiple times from afar but it was the first time standing under the famous arch. It was so huge it wouldn't fit in my frame. I wouldn't mind just standing in the middle and gaze at the view for hours on end. I hear we can go on top of this monument(???) and I of course I have to do it. Unfortunately it was already closed so that's for another day.


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  1. 凱旋門も細かく彫刻がなされているんだね。それの物語もあるんでしょう。シャンゼリゼは夜は寒いんじゃないの?