Tuesday, January 19, 2016

My Germany Trip Part 4: Frankfurt

Some people warned us that Frankfurt won't be much of a tourist spot...and they were right lol
This wasn't a bad thing at all to be honest, it was just another experience to check off. Anyways, the area we stayed at was in a bit of a sketchy area and both my friend and I were scared out of our minds as we ran to our hotel from the station. We decided it would be best to not move around much so we browsed through the Christmas Market first and crossed the bridge to what we believed to be "the safer side" and just lounged around along the river.


The landscape was really beautiful despite our initial scare and it reminded me a bit of Tokyo.
As we sat along the river, we got into a pretty deep conversation for the first time in a while and I feel like that made us even closer.


The Christmas Market.
We were lucky to have been able to see it as it was coincidentally the last day open.


Although our initial plan was to stay in Frankfurt until the afternoon, we decided to just move on to the next city in the morning. We had a very satisfying morning buffet where we had a bit of a variety of hams and cheeses.


See you back for Heidelberg!


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