Thursday, February 11, 2016

Hello, it's me

Hello, hello!

I am sitting here, looking out on a beautiful Thursday afternoon that's making me itch to go outside. Like wow, it's gorgeous. The past couple days of bipolar rainstorm/sunshine, rainstorm/sunshine weather cycle the last couple of days have just left me a bit the weather purposely trying to keep me indoors? Weather has so much affect on my mood and today, I am very happy.

I feel like I constantly keep reiterating my themes for 2016, which are "challenge," "experience," and "productivity" and I just feel guilty when I have "free time." Like, what the hell is "free time"? There's ALWAYS something to do. Anyways, I'm just a bit frustrated in myself because I spent my morning bingewatching Casey Neistat's videos, not that it was a waste of time because this guy is hands down the best Youtuber out there and his videos are amazing. I just had things I had to do and ya, that didn't happen.

What has been happening, however, are my daily morning yoga sessions. I'm not really a morning person so I'm not exactly up to doing hard core cardio first thing in the morning, but yoga, I can do. I feel like I start the day on a better note than I did before and it's been great. YouTube, you are a godsend.

I have also finally (FINALLY) taken on Spanish and Indonesian and have been learning a little bit each day. Languages are so fun to learn and I find myself losing a sense of time when I'm (don't laugh) looking at various grammar structures (HA.HA.) But seriously, I'm having so much fun learning new languages.

So I have a talent when it comes to adding new shows to my list of "shows I must keep up with." A couple weeks ago I gave the long running hit "Law & Order" a go and loved it. A couple nights ago, I turned on "NCIS", hoping it'll help me fall asleep, but didn't go as plan. Obviously there's a reason why this show has been airing for 13 seasons. Obviously. I was awake but wasn't awake enough.

Running along with the theme of crime and law, I recently read a Beginner's Guide to Criminal Psychology by R. Bull, which was very fascinating to me. The book covered a wide spectrum of subjects and was really thorough on the jobs on a criminal psychologist. I'm planning to read more on the actual psychology aspect but overall, it was a great introductory book. Totally recommend it to any other geeks like me.

Alright, leaving for class soon.


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  1. あなたの部屋から見た景色がとてもいい と書いてるの? 訳わかりませんが元気なのね。