Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Musée de Picasso

One of the greatest things about France is that students get to enter museums for free (for the most part, otherwise cheaper than the original price). This blew me away considering how many museums are present in Paris alone and I am a bit ashamed to admit that I didn't realize this until this year. I've visited most of the major tourist spots but I have yet to uncover all of the other beauties that this city has to offer and so, I am making February my "visit museums (and other spots)" month - basically a "let's spend more times outside of my apartment" month. I have been getting too comfortable with he warmth and comfort of my room in contrast to the cold outdoors.
Anyways, I kicked off this month of museum visits with the Musée de Picasso and I have an extremely enjoyable experience there. I brought my passport with my visa, which got me through the gates for free and I got to experience this legend's life story through his arts and artifacts. There was an area that displayed a video of Picasso painting as well as several other ones that left me wonderstruck - I've always loved watching videos on how things are made and I think this was one of those moments.
If you're a student in Paris, take advantage of it and visit the museum because it will be worth it. If you're not a student, well, you'll enjoy it just the same.


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  1. 私は絵画を見て感想が言えないという悲しい人間なのですが美術館には入る方だと思います。ピカソといえば箱根美術館で見ました。樋上先生と仲間3人で旅行した時です。常設か期間限定かも覚えていません。顔が重複してたり体の部分も定位置じゃないけど絵になってるよね。学生無料は幸せだね。