Thursday, February 4, 2016

Musée National de Moyen Age

I am on quite a roll with my mission to visit as many museums as I can in Paris - I took an hour and a half before and after my class today and visited 2 museums. I'll be sharing my visit to the Musee de Moyen Age which was the one I went to this morning.
You may have already guessed but this museum is based around the Middle Ages in Europe and the building itself is actually one from that time. This completely blew me away because despite its rather cute, storybook like exterior, there are not only the regular wooden flooring rooms but also floor-to-ceiling-made-of-stone rooms that made me question whether I was still in the same building.
Like most other educated individuals, I started studying the Middle Ages in elementary school and I don't know how to say it without sounding a bit stupid, but I've always struggled to view this era as something that actually existed. It was more of childhood story-esque period (am I making any sense here???) but that can be said for any history before the 19th century to be honest. It was interesting to see this age "come to life" through countless artifacts and for me to finally realize that yes, this Age was not just words in a history book.
Anyways, I thoroughly enjoyed it and I recommend it to anyone who's interested in slipping back in time for a while.

ます最初はMusee de Moyen Ageというヨーロッパの中世紀を遺品やアートを見物できる場所です。

Old Chess Board.


This was the first time I saw stained glass windows literally right in front of my face. I didn't realize how much work was put into each of the very detailed pieces.


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  1. 中世紀にこんな技術があったなんてほんとに驚かされるね。今だったら古いものを見て真似ができるけど、その時代ってイメージとかで作り始めるんだもの。先代達は偉いね。