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Palais Royal

Spring is upon us and the days are getting longer here in Paris. It's still a bit chilly at times but it's a waste not to go outside. I took a walk today and ended up at Jardin de Palais Royal. The beautiful weather brought people sitting by the fountain engaged in their books or conversations with a friend. All was just very peaceful and lovely and I felt like I was able to get away from life for a while.
ふらっと一人で散歩をしました。 少しまだ肌寒いですが、太陽も出ていて本当に気持ちがいいです。 そんな今日たどり着いたのがJardin de Palais Royalという公園でした。 天気がいいので本を持ってきて読んでいる人や、友達とお話をしに来ている人もいました。 とても落ち着いていてリフレッシュできる場所でした。

Another stroll towards Chatelet brought me to Saint Chappelle where the stained glass windows were breathtakingly gorgeous.

そしてSaint Chappelleという教会です。

A View from L'Arc de Triomphe

After a week of beautiful weather, we've  entered chilly winter weather again that's making me question whether we have really began spring. That didn't stop me from going to Champs Elysee again to climb onto the top of L'arc de Triomphe.
春出しやっと暖かくなったと思ったらまた冬みたいな天気に戻ってしまいました。寒さもありましたけど、やっぱり外に出たかったのでL'arc de Triompheの上まで登ってきました。

No elevators here! All stairs.

And voilà. I've seen Paris from the top of Sacré Cœur but this was definitely quite another sight to see. Paris is so much more beautiful from above.
Sacré Coeurからの景色もキレイでしたが、ここも負けないくらいキレイでした。晴れたらまた行きたいです。

Afterwards, we took a stroll down Champs Élysée and stopped by this exhibit for Electric cars. The designs were a bit eccentric for the Parisian scene but very cute and modern either way.
その後はChamps Élysée通りをブラブラしました。電気自動車の展示会があったので寄ってみました。パリにはあまり合わないかなというデザインでしたが、かわいらしくてとてもモダンなものばかりでした。

Paris Fashion Week Trade Show

(The beautiful Hôtel de Ville after a drowsy shower in the morning)
(雨の後のHôtel de Ville)
Hello again! and yes, I'm alive and well.
I apologize for all these gaps between my recent posts but I have been keeping rather busy as I near the last bit of my stay here in Paris.
So apart from my studies, my job at the restaurant, and having my friend over for a couple days, I have actually been doing a separate temporary side job and applying to multiple internships. The internships are moving along alright but what I was most excited about recently was my other job.
It was a totally unexpected job offer from a mutual friend of the manager I worked with and one of the best experiences during my college career.
As some of you may know, it was Paris Fashion Week last week and aside from the fashion shows themselves, there are trade shows that take place throughout Paris for the fashion and accessories themselves. That is where I was hired for a few days to act as an English/Japanese interpret…

It's Spring Break

I know I always say this but last month just flew by. I honestly don't know where it went. I finally got over my cold and the my week of spring break that I had been looking forward to for so long is almost coming to an end. It's been quite a whirlwind of everything this past week. My friend came down to visit this week and we explored Paris during the three days she was here.

Brunch at Trocadero.

We walked to Arc de Triomphe and wandered down Champs Élysée. It was quite freezing but thanks goodness it wasn't raining.
近くのArc de Triompheまで散歩してChamps Élysée 通りをウィンドウショッピングしました。大分冷えていたのですが、雨が降っていなくてラッキーでした。

Our 12km walk that day ended at Jardin de Tuileries. I thought my legs were gonna fall off.
Jardin des Tuileries の方まで散歩したのですが、1日目は12kmも歩いていました。数字を見て驚きました。

Day 2 began at Musée d'Orsay followed by brunch at a restaurant near my…