Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Paris Fashion Week Trade Show

(The beautiful Hôtel de Ville after a drowsy shower in the morning)

(雨の後のHôtel de Ville)

Hello again! and yes, I'm alive and well.
I apologize for all these gaps between my recent posts but I have been keeping rather busy as I near the last bit of my stay here in Paris.
So apart from my studies, my job at the restaurant, and having my friend over for a couple days, I have actually been doing a separate temporary side job and applying to multiple internships. The internships are moving along alright but what I was most excited about recently was my other job.
It was a totally unexpected job offer from a mutual friend of the manager I worked with and one of the best experiences during my college career.
As some of you may know, it was Paris Fashion Week last week and aside from the fashion shows themselves, there are trade shows that take place throughout Paris for the fashion and accessories themselves. That is where I was hired for a few days to act as an English/Japanese interpreter. It was a completely different experience from prior jobs and studies - I was surrounded by so much art and creativity on top of the motivation to market the products in a specific way according to the brand image. It was kind of a nice breather from law and was also an experience that allowed me to rethink my future. I always thought that I would pursue international relations and because I was so set on that, I really didn't give other genres a chance for exploration. After the trade show, I realized that one, I'm actually pretty good at being a middle man, two, I really enjoyed being able to create a bond between two people that may not have happened as smoothly without my presence, and three, I actually woke up looking forward to work because I was having a lot of fun. I loved how everywhere I looked I saw something beautiful and I really liked the atmosphere of a trade show. Of course, strengths and weaknesses play a big role in what field I'll eventually be going into but I found something to think about and that was the biggest thing I got out from the entire experience. 


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  1. 素晴らしいわ、語学の果たす役割がより身近かに感じられたんだね。学校だけじゃなく実際に使うと面白いでしょう。頑張ってね。健康には呉々も気をつけてください。