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I took a trip down to Verasailles to see the castle and the famous garden. Both the castle and garden were huge but everything was so intricately designed and beautiful. I loved being surrounded by nature and I had a wonderful time there!
ベルサイユ宮殿に行ってきました。 巨大なお城の中をグルグル周り、数え切れないくらいとてもキレイな部屋を見てから、外の庭を探検しました。自然豊かなとても素敵な場所でした。

The garden.

River Cafe

Hello! So one of the things on my Bucket list in France was to dine at a fancy restaurant. I went along with some girls from the restaurant I work at to River Café, located  south of Paris in the Ile de France region. One of the girls actually worked here before switching to the current restaurant and she was the one that planned this trip for us. It's not a Michelin Star diner but it's a lovely place that serves fancy and elegant course meals at a price a bit higher than average all with a selection of wine.
こんにちは! ついこの間、バイトのお友達とパリ郊外にあるRiver Caféというレストランでご飯を食べてきました。友達の1人が今一緒に働いているレストランの前にこのRiver Caféで働いていたということで誘ってくれました。星付きではないのですが、少し高めの値段で、とてもオシャレで美味しいコースメニューを食べるこよができました。いろんなお話もできてとても楽しい時間でした。

I apologize for taking this photo from the internet but this is the interior. The name River Café comes from the fact that the restaurant is actually a big boat resting on the Seine River.

I had Salmo…

On a Nice Sunny Day

Weather has finally started to warm up and so I took a trip down to Cimitiere de Père Lachaise, a cemetery where many of France's legendary composers and writers along with many others whom impacted the country's history lie. It's a bit weird to use the word "beautiful" to describe a cemetery but it really was with its perfect mixture of nature and history.
やっと暖かくなってきたのでCimitiere de Père Lachaiseというお墓に行ってきました。有名な作曲家、作家などフランスの歴史に名を刻んだ人達のお墓が並んでいるとても大きな敷地なのですが、今では有名な観光スポットになっています。お墓を「キレイ」という言葉で表現するのは少し違和感がありますが、自然と歴史が詰まった少し不思議な場所でした。

The time was still a little before 6pm and it was still light out so we took a detour to Notre Dame. I literally see it every day but had never gone inside but this we as the day I finally ended that. The hall was absolutely gorgeous and the voices echoed across the walls in almost a musical way. It happened to be Sunday so we were able to see the services as well.
まだ6時前だったので毎日のように通りかかるけどまだ中に入ったことのなかったNotre Dameによって中を散歩しました。ちょうど日曜日だったのでMas…