Friday, May 20, 2016

Musée de la Parfumerie

Junior year of university life has come to an end while I'm ecstatic to be on break, I just feel very lost. My sister and I were talking the other day and came to the conclusion that our autobiographies would be titled "We f**cked up." I think that sums things up really nicely. 


So as I mentioned, I'm on summer break. I'm trying to make the most of the 3 months I have left here in Paris. At the same time, I'm taking more shifts at work  to save up for my Europe trip which I have yet to plan. I also have an internship coming up, which I'm really looking forward to.


One of the things I wanted to do in France was to go to as many bakeries as I can. I've gone to several throughout my stay but always end up going for the baguettes at supermarkets because they're about half the price and frankly, quite good. I decided to start with La Coulee Verte to buy some bread for breakfast. 

ということで、今朝はLa Coulée Verte というパン屋さんで朝食のパンをかってきました。

I went with the original croissant, which was quite soft and chewy after I heated it, as well as the traditional chocolate bread (<-I forgot the actual name but it had the word traditional and chocolate in it). This one was packed with a slightly bitter chocolate and the bread itself had a bit of a sponges texture. I love that they added a bit of glaze on the top. 


I found this lovely plant on the way home.  I'm wondering what it's called...


I stopped by Fragonard's Musée de la Parfumerie located on Rue Scribe in the afternoon. I don't know what it is about perfumes but things related to scent are something that really fascinate me. Out of all things fashion and beauty, I would say that perfumes are the most intriguing. 

お昼にFragonardのMusée de la Parfumerieという香水に関するミュージアムに行ってきました。香水もそうですが、匂いに関するものはとても興味があります。ジャンルが全然違いますが、昔学校から帰ってきて、ガレージからその夜のご飯を匂いで当てていたのを思い出します。そんなこともあって、嗅覚にはちょっと自信があります。

There is a free tour of the small museum. There was an English speaking group before me so I snuck in with them, but they happened to all be from one giant group of tourists from India so they kept stealing glances at me. 
I must of looked really out of place haha It was an interesting experience but I was too caught up in what the tour guide was saying. 


It was a lovely day out. 
Jardin de Tuileries was the perfect spot to chill out on the shade and work on this post. 

とってもキレイな天気なのでバイト前にJardin de Tuilerieで日向ぼっこしながら、このブログを書いてます。

Lychee boba. 



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  1. 風景の写真見ると気持ちがいいね。スカーッとする。ブルーの葉っぱはツタの葉と思うよ。初めて見たわ。その左に赤い花があるけどゼラニュームです。葉、花、がブルーというのは珍しいんだよね。