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Warsaw, Poland

This was the first time I visited a country where I literally knew zero words of the country's language. I've learned so much ha out Poland since middle school and I'd been looking forward to finally seeing the name in our textbooks in real life. When I finally arrived, I learned that people don't really speak English and a lot of times will not try to. That's when I started panicking. I saved the overflowing tears and slight breathing problems until I arrived in my hotel room. It's all an experience worth living through at the end but it wasn't quite the start I had in mind.

When I finally calmed down I told myself to get outside because I'm finally in the city that I've wanted to visit and because I'm only here for a day.…

Berlin, Germany

Destination #2 of my Europe trip was Berlin. It was an extremely modern city just like Amsterdam and very differently from the last time I was in Germany, but this city had a very historical twist. It was the perfect mix of modern and the past, especially with its rich past in history, and I ended up really liking the city. 

I first visited the remnants of the Berlin Wall. The streets that were affected first hand by the wall were dedicated through historical photos of the era on the side of buildings.

All the metal poles were part of the wall and stretched for miles.
たくさん立っている鉄の棒は昔の壁のものです。 とっても長く続いています。

The actual wall itself. Of course, there was no graffiti in the past but it's preserved extremely well. There are many artifacts also preserved along the wall as well as various spots that give explanations…