Sunday, June 26, 2016

Berlin, Germany

Destination #2 of my Europe trip was Berlin. It was an extremely modern city just like Amsterdam and very differently from the last time I was in Germany, but this city had a very historical twist. It was the perfect mix of modern and the past, especially with its rich past in history, and I ended up really liking the city. 


I first visited the remnants of the Berlin Wall. The streets that were affected first hand by the wall were dedicated through historical photos of the era on the side of buildings.


All the metal poles were part of the wall and stretched for miles.


The actual wall itself.
Of course, there was no graffiti in the past but it's preserved extremely well. There are many artifacts also preserved along the wall as well as various spots that give explanations of the past.


I decided to walk around the city and was just absolutely mesmerized. 


The East Side Gallery.
This is actually also part of the old Berlin Wall but this area showcases miles of street art painted onto the wall. It was really lovely just walking alongside it seeing so many different presentations of the artists.


Behind the wall was the Spree River. I was there around 10pm so there were people lounging with beers in their hands and just chilling.


Berlin day 2.
I decided to go southward from the Main Station to find the Memorial for Murdered Jews. I know there is a very significant meaning to this monument but my initial thought was "gosh, this place is a maze."


As I was walking to my next destination, I found yet another spot(?) dedicated to the Berlin Wall right in the middle of the street.


I wanted a snack so I bought myself some German chocolate. I know that Ritter Sport is already known internationally but I just wanted to buy one IN Germany. It's been blazing hot here so the chocolate was already a bit melted when I bought it. Either way, it was delicious.

ちょった小腹が空いたのでドイツのチョコレートを買いました。他国に既に輸出されているRitter Sportですが、なんだか本場で買いたくなっちゃいます。

The Jewish Museum.
I thought it would be about the relation between the Jews and Germany but it actually went way back to the religion's origins. It was quite fascinating. 


Checkpoint Charlie.
The museum goes back in time to the beginning of the Berlin Wall. This is another museum worth going - lots of artifacts and very informative. One thing I would recommend is to go during the winter. There was no air conditioning in the building and I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one who thought that we would all have a heat stroke.


Here are some other spots I passed by.


Pariser Platz.

An amazing thing about Berlin is that despite it being modern, you can find just as much nature. 


Berlin Victory Column

The Berlin Cathedral

And here's to another amazing two days. This city made me realize just how amazing it is to explore, see, and learn new things. I can't wait to go back again!


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