Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Exploring Paris Solo

One of the reasons why I really love Paris is that it's a great place to be for soloist like me. I prefer wandering alone at my own pace, although having company is great as well. Either way, exploring a city alone has really allowed me to get in touch with myself and make my own discoveries and meet new people.
It was just one of those days when my insides were nudging me to get out and that is exactly what I did.


I've always wanted to brunch at Angelina and thought, why not just go? I took a trip down to Rue Rivoli and ordered the brunch best. Aaaaa the famous chocolat chaud was just as smooth and decadent as I had heard it was. It was like drinking a melted chocolate bar. (*all of my photos showed up yellow, I don't know why but please overlook it)


A selection of pastries. 


The main dish: a nice flaky croissant with some scrambled eggs, jambon, and greens. 
Not pictured: the dessert aka pain perdu


The rain has been consistently elevating the water level of the Seine River. I had been hearing a lot of warnings but fortunately, I could walk along the river.


I decided to walk off my huge brunch and arrived at Le Petit Palais. If walked by the building so many times but I was excited to finally go in. 


Facing Le Petit Palais is Le Grand Palais. The lady at the ticket booth told me that I only have 15 minutes inside but I went in anyway. I was a little surprised at what I saw. Covering the floor space were massive crates and a gigantic skeleton of a snake. It apparently symbolizes "globalization." The size really made an impact and I was really impressed.


My 15 minutes were up and I wandered again.


Inside Invalides is Musée de l'Armée, which you may have guessed by the name is a museum about the history of the French military.
It covered everything from Napolean to the World Wars through thousands of artifacts and French/English description panels. It was one of the most fascinating museums that I've visited in Paris and would definitely recommend.

近くにあるInvalidesの中にあるフランスの軍隊の歴史をもとにした、Musée de l'Arméeに行ってきました。ナポレオンの頃や第1次、第2次世界大戦などで使用されたものが何千個(勝手な予想だけど、本当にたくさんありました)も揃っていて、とっても興味深い博物館でした。オススメスポットです。

Talk soon!

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  1. セーヌ川の洪水を心配してたんだけど被害がなくてよかったね。