Friday, June 10, 2016

History of Barbie

I visited Musée des Arts Décoratifs a couple months back to see a different exhibition but I decided to revisit it to see the Barbie Exhibit that has been and will be displayed between February and mid September of this year. I had been to so many museums about topics I didn't have much knowledge about so it was refreshing to go learn about something so iconic and familiar. I was expecting to see a lot of dolls, which I did, but I was surprised at the amount of information available to soak in; from the creation of Barbie to its transformations throughout the fashion decades, and it's countless collaborations with world renowned fashion designers and brands, I felt like I really learned about the impact of doll from all its perspectives. I loved that the visitors were nostalgic and were enjoying the exhibit just as much as I was. 

以前違うエキシビションが展示されていた時に行ったMusée des Arts Decoratifsにまた行ってきました。2月から9月の中旬まではフランスでは初となるバービー人形の歴史をテーマとしたバービーエキシビションが行われています。

Old commercials and the actual Barbies.


Barbie and Ken. Did you know she actually left Ken to be with an Austrailian guy back in 2004 but recently reconciled with Ken? That kind of made me laugh.


There were a number of sets with various themes but I was blown away by how intricate this fashion show set was. None of these dolls were moving and yet, you can feel the motion and the busyness of the event - I don't know if I'm conveying my emotion well enough but I think the photos help to portray it a little bit. 


Barbie's HUGE closet was laid out piece by piece in a color gradation across the wall. Here's just a tiny portion of the pinks amongst the yellows and the blues and purples, etc. 


Chanel, Dior, and Dolce&Gabbana are just several names of famous brand collaborations. The room dedicated to showcase these collaborations was one of my favorites.


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