Sunday, June 19, 2016

Planning My Europe Trip

Final 2 and a half months in France and I'm happy to say that I have a lot planned for my time left here. Before I begin my internship, I'm taking a Europe trip to Holland, Germany, Poland, Czech, Austria, and Italy. I needed to crunch everything together into a two week period so I don't think I'll be doing much sleeping. Anyway, I'm so excited for the adventures that await. 


I bought an Interrail pass for this trip and this pass basically covers the prices of all train tickets minus the reservation fees for each seat. In other words, an all-you-can-ride-railroad pass. The pass itself and the reservation fees are nowhere near cheap but it's a nice way to save some money if you're planning to travel across many borders like myself.  Apparently like the Interrail pass is only for those with an address in Europe but there's also an Eurrail pass that's available for those who don't. 


I cannot wait to have you follow me along on the journey!

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  1. 一人旅なんだね。気をつかわなくていいから楽だけど呉々も気をつけてね。思い切り楽しんで来て下さい。