Monday, June 27, 2016

Warsaw, Poland

This was the first time I visited a country where I literally knew zero words of the country's language. I've learned so much ha out Poland since middle school and I'd been looking forward to finally seeing the name in our textbooks in real life. When I finally arrived, I learned that people don't really speak English and a lot of times will not try to. That's when I started panicking. I saved the overflowing tears and slight breathing problems until I arrived in my hotel room. It's all an experience worth living through at the end but it wasn't quite the start I had in mind.


When I finally calmed down I told myself to get outside because I'm finally in the city that I've wanted to visit and because I'm only here for a day. I decided to take a walk at the HUGE Łazienki Królewskie garden.

少し落ち着いてから「せっかく楽しみにしていたポーランドだし、1日しかないんだから外のでなきゃ!」と思い、Łazienki Królewskieという大きな公園に行ってきました。

This garden was full of beautiful flowers that were designed for each appropriate location of the park. A castle and monuments of famous people like Chopin amongst many others were also scattered about.


I was there between the evening and sunset so I was able to witness the red lanterns flash on as the sky turned black. The motif was a Chinese Garden and illuminations relates to China were set out as well. It kind of took my breath away.


It was getting a bit too dark to see everything so I tried again the next morning. 
Here's the Chopin Monument.


Pink and white flowers surrounded Chopin, while benches sat around the flowers for guests to relax at.


Once I walked through the garden, I continued onward to find a view of a very cute looking neighborhood. I finally started to see some tourists around here. 


There was an event going on and they called this road the "Fashion Road." Each tent hosted the works of individual artists and it was quite lovely walk through.


I found a photo exhibit of Popand in the 1900s just laid out on the street.


The tomb of the Unknown Soldier commemorates the unknown soldiers who lost their lives fighting for Poland.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier - 日本語の名前が出てこないのでしが、直訳したら「忘れられた兵士のお墓」です。ポーランドのために戦い、命を亡くした名の無い兵士達のお墓です。

I absolutely fell in love with this tiny village surrounding the Warsaw Castle. I couldn't help but just sit and stare at
the view for a few moments. I guess I was too caught up in the view because I completely forgot to take a picture of the castle! Oops.


The Uprising Museum was one of the best that I've ever been to. I couldn't help but be at awe with the design and sound effects. There were constant sounds of loud banging and shots fired to build up the feel of the visuals created by life size airplanes, newspapers, and videos.
It was l very much a "see and feel" kind of museum. 

Uprising Museumといって、ポーランドの独立までを描いた博物館に行ってきました。入った途端思ったのが「わーかっこいい!!」でした。ポーランドの歴史とは全く矛盾した感情ですが、本当に当時の現状が分かるように銃砲の音が常にバックに流れていて、少し薄暗く、実物大の飛行機や新聞などによるデコレーション、ビデオなどから、本当によくできている博物館だなと思いました。読んで学ぶというよりかは見て、感じて学ぶことができる場所でした。

I needed to try some Polish cuisine! The name of this dish was Russian Dumplings with Cranberry Sauce (<--the waitress said it is also a Polish dish). The dumplings were filled cottage cheese, which matched really well with the tart sweetness of the sauce.


What I've felt the most from the Europe trip so far is that the feeling of time becomes looser as we move East. I was surprised to find that the Polish really just go with their own pace no matter if it's dark outside or if there are many people trying to get in a certain direction. At the same time, I didn't realize how fast I walked - like I passed so many people and I was just walking at my normal speed! I guess I still have that "Time is money" mentality, which I won't say is a bad thing! 
Anyways, it was a 24 (plus a bit more) hours of many experiences.


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