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Last Week of July

My work schedule changes throughout the weeks so I'm working this weekend. I don't really have time to just sit down and write so this post is jut going to be a compilation of little entries. Sorry it's so short!
I celebrated my friend/ex coworker's birthday with a group of friends. Happy 22nd!

Work was amazing today. I have a day off tomorrow but wish I was working...feeling really lucky that I'm working here.
I want to finish up chores on a day off from work but I can't wake up. Guess I'm more tired than I thought.
Got together again with some old coworkers. Super chill evening of talking, beer, and random games of UNO.
My friend was visiting from Paris and we were hoping to meet up but …

Internship Week 2

Week 2 of my internship has flown by already and I cannot express how excited about this job. I am jumping out of bed everyday because I cannot go to work and I am learning so much everyday. I cannot talk about the where or what about my job it's in a field that I'm realizing is probably what is meant for me. I also have really ugly feet and terribly sore legs from walking around in heels all day.
I went Montmartre again. Days have been longer since the time change and it was bright outside even after 9pm.
Stopped by the Moulin Rouge just because I really wanted a photo of the building.
ただこのMoulin Rougeの建物の写真が撮りたいという理由で立ち寄りました。

July 14th was Bastille Day, or the National Day in France. Something I probably love just as much as cheesecake is fireworks and…

Milan, Italy

And finally, we have arrived at the last stop of my Europe trip. I wish I had another two weeks but that'll be for another time. Here we go for Milan, Italy!
とうとうラストになってしまいました。あともう2週間ほどバックパッキングを続けたかったのですが、今回は残念ながら終わってしまいました。 さて、ヨーロッパ旅行最後のスポットはイタリアのミラノでした。

I used Couchsurfing and AirBnB for the majority of my stays (maybe I'll explain the differences in a different post), but for Milan, it was AirBnb. I had the most wonderful host, and despite me arriving late, she made something to eat. We had fun watching the Italy v Germany Euro Cup match - Italy unfortunately lost but it was an amazing game.
今回の旅行の宿泊先探しに主に使ったのがcouchsurfingとAirBnBという会社でした。違いに関しての詳しい説明はまた違う記事でするかもしれませんが、ミラノで使ったのはAirBnBでした。 お金を払って、部屋が空いている人お家に泊まるのですが、この旅行中は本当に当たりくじばかりでした。 ミラノで泊まった家の方は本当に心が優しく広い方で、夜遅くに着いたにも関わらず、ご飯を用意してくれました。 ちょうどユーロカップのイタリア対ドイツ戦が流れていたので2人で盛り上がりました。残念ながらイタリアは負けてしまいましたが、PK戦まだ持ち越されたとってもいい試合でした。

For breakfast, my host prepared a variety of Italian goodies for me and I had a lovely time getting to know her.…

Rome, Italy

I started my new internship this week and my schedule has been a bit hectic. Forgive me for the delay but here is stop 2 in Italy, stop 7 of my Europe trip: Rome.
インターンシップが始まり、少し忙しくなってきましたが、楽しく毎日過ごしています。 遅くなってしまいましたが、イタリアでは2つ目、ヨーロッパ旅行では7つ目の都市はローマでした。

So I have the this ritual(?)ish thing of not researching about the city that I will be visiting so that I don't get brainwashed before hand and so I can get an honest reaction about the city. Yes, I knew about the past Roman domination and that the city was the base for the Audrey Hepburn's "Roman Holiday" but I didn't really know what to expect in terms of the city today.

I was actually really surprised to see that so much of the ancient architecture has been preserved, including the Colosseum below. "New" old ruins are apparently constantly being found to this day and are…