Sunday, July 31, 2016

Last Week of July

My work schedule changes throughout the weeks so I'm working this weekend. I don't really have time to just sit down and write so this post is jut going to be a compilation of little entries. Sorry it's so short!


I celebrated my friend/ex coworker's birthday with a group of friends. Happy 22nd!


Work was amazing today. I have a day off tomorrow but wish I was working...feeling really lucky that I'm working here.


I want to finish up chores on a day off from work but I can't wake up. Guess I'm more tired than I thought.


Got together again with some old coworkers. Super chill evening of talking, beer, and random games of UNO.


My friend was visiting from Paris and we were hoping to meet up but I'm working on the exact days that she was here and times just didn't work out. Hopefully we'll be seeing each other again in another country.


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  1. 毎日が充実してていいね。フランス語も流暢に話せるようになったでしょう。もう半分はフランス人?