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Prague, Czech Republic

My fourth destination in my Europe trip was Prague, Czech Republic and if I am completely honest, the sole reason why I chose to visit this city was because I really liked the pictures that a friend out up on Facebook. It really didn't disappoint.


I stayed at Old Prague Hostel, which was quite cheap despite it's great location. I was within walking distance to many of the major spots.

泊まっていたOld Prague Hostelが安い上にとても良い場所にあったので、1日しかいなかったにもかかわらず、色んな場所を見ることができました。

The Old Town Square was a colorful village of old-style buildings and full of people.

Old Town Square

I was walkin along the river and realized there were so many boats. I was talking with someone that I met at the hostel and she said that she stayed at one of the "boat hotels" for 5 days before coming to the hostel. She said the view was great and she could wake up with the sunrise every morning and I thought, that's definitely going on my bucket list.


Charle's Bridge

Prague was quite there tourist location.


The city was more modern before crossing the Charle's Bridge but the view changed completely when I arrived at the other side. The atmosphere changed completely and everything looked like fairy tales had taken a physical form.


Up I went some hills to arrive at the Prague Castle. I went through the gates to find a cathedral amongst some other buildings. The type of tickets depended on which building you could enter - I went with the one to enter all because I really didn't know anything about the place.

坂道を上がるとPrague Castleにたどり着きました。門をくぐると教会の他にも建物が立っていて、1つづつ違う役割があったそうです。チケットブースでは行きたい建物によって、複数のチケットの種類から選ぶことができました。

The view from the top of the hill. The view was obvisouy musky very beautiful and there were some couples taking their wedding photos with the scenery.


For lunch I went with a traditional Czech dish called the Goulash. Mine was served with beef and a soup containing some spices. 


With the Goulash I had some fresh lemonade. Very refreshing after all the walking. 


I was really looking forward to try the Trdelník, which is a dessert shaped kind of like a giant straw. The dough is coated with sugar, which makes it quite crunchy and you can even choose from other types of coatings as well. I decided I wanted fillings instead and went with whipped cream and fresh strawberries.


Prague was ten times more beautiful in the night. I sat on one of the benches at Old Town Square and just relaxed - it had been a pretty crazy past couple of days.

夜のプラハは日中と比べて何十倍も綺麗でした。Old Town Squareのベンチに座ってゆっくりしながらとてもリラックスできました。


  1. チェコって明るい町なんやね。もう少し沈んだ感じを持ってたわ。クラッシックを愛する私としてはドボルザークが浮かんできます。「新世界」の曲が流れてるんじゃないの?日本でもイタリアンのレストランに入るとカンツォーネが流れていたり、和食のお店はさくらさくらが流れていたりします。


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