Saturday, July 9, 2016

Rome, Italy

I started my new internship this week and my schedule has been a bit hectic. Forgive me for the delay but here is stop 2 in Italy, stop 7 of my Europe trip: Rome.


So I have the this ritual(?)ish thing of not researching about the city that I will be visiting so that I don't get brainwashed before hand and so I can get an honest reaction about the city. Yes, I knew about the past Roman domination and that the city was the base for the Audrey Hepburn's "Roman Holiday" but I didn't really know what to expect in terms of the city today.


I was actually really surprised to see that so much of the ancient architecture has been preserved, including the Colosseum below. "New" old ruins are apparently constantly being found to this day and are being renovated to be presented to the public.


The area around the Colosseum actually is actually maintained like the ancient cities of Rome. Of course, there have been deterioration but it's mind blowing to think that people actually lived and worked in the very buildings and walked on the very land that I had walked thousands of years ago.


An obligatory stop at Piazza Venezia.


I probably ate way to many gelatos for my own good this trip but I have come to a conclusion of my favorite flavors: yogurt and melon. And they're even better when  mixed. 


I guess all European cities have a river running down the middle. This one was especially pretty because there were tents lined up along the side that turned into restaurants by night.


Next morning I work up nice and early to walk around the city.


Trevi Fountain. 
I really wanted to go see this because I was pretty sure -correct me if I'm wrong- it was the fountain from the Lizzie McGuire Movie. I am way too influenced my modern media but hey, I'm a millennial.

行きたかったTrevi Fountainは実は子供の頃に見たthe Lizzie McGuire Movieに登場していました(はず)。

I walked back again to the Colosseum to take time walking around the same area again. I would have loved to go in but there were way too many people and my train was in the evening.


And finally, Vatican City.
The area wasn't necessarily closed off but it was pretty clear that I was in the city when I saw some guards and the huge monument encircling the particular area.


This smoked swordfish pasta from Rostorante al '34 was amaaaazing.
It tasted extra delicious because it was my first official meal of the day but I would love to go back to try another dish off the menu.

ローマでの最後の食事はRistorante al '34のスモークメカジキのパスタでした。お腹が空いていたというのもあったと思うのですが、とっても風味が良く、美味しかったです。

Talk soon!

PS: Because I am pretty busy, I am creating an upload schedule: Starting from the next post, I will be posting on every Sunday (this is going to change slightly depending on where I am in the world, meaning it will depend on "my" Sunday). I may upload in between in general, be on the lookout for my posts on Sunday's!

次から毎週日曜日に更新したいと思います (この日曜日はわたしがどのタイムゾーンにいるかによって変わります。ということで今はパリ時間です。)。間にも更新するかもしれませんが、基本的には日曜日を楽しみにしていてください!

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  1. トレビの泉では後ろ向きになってコインを投げ入れましたか?。そうすると又この地を訪れることができるという言い伝えがあるのよ。知らない街を沢山見られてよかったね。