Friday, July 8, 2016

Venice, Italy

The last three stops of this incredibly exciting yet humbling Europe trip was in Italy. First stop: Venice. This beautiful city was actually the highlight of my trip - I couldn't help but feel like I was living in a dream for the two days that I was there. From the sea to the gardens, this city had the nature that I had been missing while the cute, storybook like buildings just made me wish that I could stay there forever. I am seriously thinking about spending the last years of my life there.


Venice's scorching heat gave me quite the farmer's tan but honestly, nothing really mattered because I was so mesmerized by everything I looked at. Not only was this city a treat for my eyes, I also met some really incredible people. I befriended an extraordinary 18 year old Australian girl at the Venice Mestre station and rode the bus with her to the island and I was just blown away by her story: She had actually graduated high school last year and had begun this year long adventure in Europe last December in which she is basically a nomad, working and living in different cities in different countries all around Europe. I felt like I had discovered a whole different side of backpacking and she really inspired me to see more of the world. She still has until the end of this year for her amazing journey but the stories she told me were so rich and fascinating that I couldn't help but smile as I listened to her recount her countless experiences. She really helped me realize that 'the something' that I had been craving the last couple of years wasn't just new experiences but also to see new places. I just felt so free and alive during the trip and despite the trip having been only two weeks, I felt like I had enough experiences and encounters to equate several months. Life just brings you the greatest things when you least expect it. 


The island of Venice was quite like a maze - the island itself is actually not that big, maybe 40 minutes by walk by diameter but because of all the turns and the scenery, I found myself lost in everything and it took me roughly 2 hours to get to the other side of the island. This is a deck along the Grand Canal.


I had to try the famous Spritz - the orange one is a bit sweet and the pink one a bit bitter. It's really easy to drink and a nice cocktail to spend the afternoon under the sun with.


For dinner I had homemade pasta at the 6342 A Le Tole where the waiters were extremely friendly and the atmosphere perfect for any occasion. The food was delicious and it just redefined the fact that pasta is the most delicious at its origin. I would love to go back again.


I stayed near the San Marco Square, which became my favorite spot on the island. The nightscape honesty made me cry a bit because of how beautiful and calming it was.


Live bands were playing in front of each restaurant at San Marco Square to entertain the guests and onlookers. Each restaurant was a bit different from the others and I walked around listening to a little of everything.


In the morning, I caught up with my daily journaling  along the waters.
This is actually right outside of the place I was staying.


Since I had pasta the previous day, I went with pizza the next morning and bought myself a Calzone during my walk. The Calzone was bigger than my face and filled to the brim with cheese and ham - couldn't have started my day any better.


There was an international architecture exhibit at the garden so I had to check it out - what is it with me and museums/exhibits. I really loved this layout of the photos and had to take a photo.


I didn't realize how much I had missed being along the water. I really didn't like beaches growing up because I don't really like sand but being in San Marco just gave me the what I like in the most beautiful of all forms.


2 gelatos in 1 day = happy Ayuka


I was devastated when I had to leave but I think it's a good thing that I can leave with a bit of that feeling of magic still left for the city.


Talk soon!

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