Thursday, July 7, 2016

Vienna, Austria

I have been back in Paris for a few days now and already I am hungry to go traveling again. I think this trip awakened the thirst to explore. Anyways, Destination #5 of this Europe trip was in Vienna, Austria. I only stayed for about half a day in this really beautiful and awe striking(???<---did I just make a phrase up?) city but I stayed with a super knowledgeable local friend that really made me love the city.


Quite obviously because I didn't have quite enough time to really explore each part of the city to its fullest, I had to rush through some of them unfortunately. I did get to see the main attractions, thanks to my friend, and learn a bit about the meaning behind each area as well.


I exited the Stephensplatz metro station to find the St. Stephen's Monument. It was so big I couldn't fit it in the frame haha. My impression was that Austrian architecture is very simple yet very intricate. A bit contradictory but really beautiful when you see it.

Stephensplatz駅を出てすぐSt. Stephenの大っきな教会がありました。大きすぎてフレームに入りきりませんでした。

Continue down Kärtner StraBe to find Karlsplatz, where you can find the border of the Ring Road. This Ring Road, creatively named for the the it's ring-shape, is like the golden road of all the major tourist spots. 

Kärtner StraBe通りを真っ直ぐ行き、Karlsplatzに着くとRing Roadという名前の通り、指輪の形をした大きな道に着きます。この道の左右にメインスポットがたくさんあるので、観光客もいっぱいです。

The Mozart Statue inside the Burrsgarten was quite charming. All of the little babies at the foot of Mozart are holding an instrument and the rows of red roses in front were laid out into a shape of a musical note.


The huge castle.
Directly in front were two statues of men on horses standing on their hind legs looking like they were about to start to run towards each other.


I met up with my friend for dinner at ... I actually didn't have an authentic Austrian food because my body just really needed something healthy after days of living off of McDonalds and other junk foods.
I went with a couscous salad and it was delicious.


The homemade pomegranate and mint soda water. It was really refreshing after all the walking.


I did have an Austrian dessert called Topfenstreudal which was a sort of like a pie. Mine was filled with apricots and soaked in a layer of cream with powdered sugar on top.


The Schloss Schonbrunn castle was closed to the public because of a concert but we still really wanted to see it so we decided to climb up a hill just in front to get a glimpse of the front.

Schloss Schonbrunnというお城に行ったのですが、残念ながら、コンサートが行われていたため中に入れませんでした。(お城でコンサートとか凄くオシャレですね!) それでもやっぱり見たかったので、目の前にある坂を上り、ちょびっとだけ見えました。

I will be back Austria!


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