Sunday, August 14, 2016

August Week 2

Spent the day indoors so I took a late night walk after sundown. The walkway along the Seine river was lively with music and dancing people despite it being a Sunday evening.


Picnic at the Luxembourg garden with some new people. There are apparently many aspiring chefs and pâtissiers in the Japanese community in Paris and I met some at the picnic. They had a mini "which one is the best" competition and all of them were really delicious. I couldn't believe they were still amateurs because everything was really too beautiful to eat.


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  1. パテシェのお知り合いが出来て幸せね。普段から練習で作ったりしてるんだね。というか、時間が空いたら何か作ってないと落ち着かないというか… おいしそうやんか(大阪弁で)。