Sunday, August 21, 2016


I feel like this past week has been a week of great new encounters. I've gotten to know quite a bit of new people and I'm feeling blessed. The patissier that I met a couple weeks ago remembered that I love cheesecake and was kind enough to make me this really beautiful cake.


Despite being from Southern California, I had never gone to FIve Guys before. It recently opened in Paris so I decided to check it out. Who would have ever thought that my first Five Guys experience would be in France. Good vibes and good food. 

出身の南カリフォルニア発のFive Guysがフランスにも上陸しました。手作りで美味しいということで有名なハンバーガーショップなのですが、わたしは実は一度も行ったことがあちませんでした。まさか初めてがパリになるとは思ってなかったです。噂通りのボリュームと美味しさでした。大満足です。

I am so sad to say that my internship ended yesterday. I could not have been in a better company and around better people. 


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  1. あゆちゃんお久しぶりです。美味しいもの食べてハッピーになれていいじゃない?