Sunday, August 7, 2016

Good Food, Good Company

I never know what's going to happen at my workplace but that's what keeps me on my toes. Another successful week of learning and adventures finished. 


I visited the restaurant that I worked at and met some old faces. Glad to see everyone doing well! I really loved this restaurant because everyone was, still is, really close. They even fed me a Tonkatsu dinner set😍😍


Got together with some of my friends from the restaurant (again) for dinner and had some homemade beef stew and crepe. We always meet up at the same person's house and the person is actually an amazing cook/pâtissier. Another amazing meal with good company. 


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  1. 前のバイト先に行ってまかないを出してくれるとこってそんなにないでしょう。人には良くしておくべきです。結局自分に返ってくるから。いい繋がりができていいわね。大切にしましょう。