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Thank goodness for Wifi

We finally have wifi at our place after almost a month after moving in - it's a Japanese thing...the wifi services aren't as frequent or even commercialized as they are in the US - and I can now relax in my room and have much my needed YouTube marathons. On the contrary I've been falling a bit behind on my self-studies which has me a bit worried. The rain also has been causing me to stay indoors and weaseling out for a run in the small slot of time without rain.
I also got a part time job at the company that organizes international conferences, which is actually pretty cool. I feel like I'm finally doing something in the field that I've been working towards.
I have also been doing Pokémon: now before you judge me, let me have my say in that it is a great game to keep me from really thinking about anything AND I played the entire thing in French. All in all anyone who knows me well knows that I lack absolutely all talent when it comes to video games (I seriously str…

Senior Year

It's been a while since I've written in English so I think it's time to start again. Forgive me, I'm going to start with my excuses of why I haven't been doing so for the last couple of posts. So, I usually write out an entire post in either English or Japanese first, depending on what I feel like during the week, and then translate everything in the other language before I upload my post for the week. I've been keeping myself pretty occupied for the last few weeks with moving back to Japan and getting situated, as well as restarting my studies after pretty much vacationing my last two weeks in Paris. That was fun and very much needed after the internship but now, it's time to go back to work.
久しぶりに英語でも書いてみました。 両方を書くのはやっぱり少し時間がかかってしまいます:(
Senior year of college is starting at the end of this month and while I love this back-to-school period, I haven't been able to come face to face with reality. I feel like I have time bomb ticking inside of me that&#…


関東に戻ってきてちょうど1週間が経ちます。わたしの新しい住まいは東京ではなく埼玉県のなりました。東京まで電車一本で行けますし、あまり違いを感じません。授業はまだ始まっていませんが、家にwifiがまだないので大学の図書館に通っています。クーラーもかかっているので快適です。 わたしはオンラインに履歴書を載せているのですが、それを見たある企業の方からお声掛けをいただいたので就活始めての面接をしてきました。結果はよく分かりませんが、とてもルースでお互いのことを知るいい機会でした。

Hello, September


帰国までの日が迫り、1年間お世話になってとても気に入っていたアパートを出たので、1日だけ友達の家に泊まらせてもらいました。 エッフェル塔が正面か見れるとってもキレイなところでした。